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The Perfect Travel Companion Escort. How To Find it?
by Diva
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Quite often, our ladies here at Diva Escorts go above and beyond to satisfy their client’s expectations. In addition to providing erotic services, many Divas also offer themselves as date companions, dinner partners, or simply some arm-candy for those attending business events or corporate affairs.

The Hottest Ebony Girls In London
by Diva
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In years gone by, there has been a criterion for beauty; a standard to which all ladies were measured. More often than not, such prestigious terms were given to those top-heavy blonde ladies with seductive smiles and just enough curves to stand out from the crowd.

Amazing Escorts in West Brompton
by Diva
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The West Brompton region has always been a location synonymous with wealth and affluence. It’s a quiet residential area situated between the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It’s one of the most desirable areas of London due to its solitude and its breath taking scenery.

The Hottest Gloucester Road Ladies
by Diva
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The Gloucester Road area is certainly no stranger to beautiful women. It’s an area of London which boasts an extraordinary amount of working girls, each one more stunning than the last. The escort scene is vibrant in Gloucester Road and the surrounding areas, so it’s no surprise that many men gravitate towards the area when looking for companionship.

The Appeal of New Girls
by Diva
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A lot of the new girls on our roster are of the youthful variety. Girls who are new to the scene often join from an early age; some of them still in their late teenage years. As you can probably guess, our younger, newer girls are very much in demand by our London clientele. 

The Importance of Reviews In The Escort Scene
by Diva
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In a world increasingly reliant on technology, reviews can be considered as important as the business itself. We see reviews everywhere. Whenever we search for a business online, the first results page is usually loaded with reviews for that company.

The Appeal of Duo Escorts
by Diva
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As the old saying goes; two heads are better than one. Now, that phrase might mean something completely different on the escort scene than it does normally, but the fact remains that spending time with two ladies can be more enjoyable than spending it with one.

Mature Escorts Girls As Great As Old French Wine
by Diva
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At Diva Escorts, we’re proud to offer ladies in all shapes, ages, sizes and ethnicities. We understand that variety is the spice of life, so our diverse roster allows our clients more freedom of choice when choosing their preferred date partner. By contrast, many of our clients have a specific ‘type’ in mind when they come to us. But again, our vast roster allows these gentlemen to find their perfect girl and arrange an evening with her. And perhaps the most in-demand category on our entire website is our mature Divas.

Escort Ladies At Bayswater
by Diva
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Bayswater is a beautiful area in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in central London. As one of the most affluent areas in all of Westminster, Bayswater boasts gorgeous scenery, classy bars and luxury hotels amidst its features. As one of the most cultural areas in the city of London, Bayswater is home to a thriving escort scene – something which reflects the diversity in the area.

Escort Girls At Baker Street
by Diva
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Baker Street is perhaps most famous for being the home of the world’s greatest fictional detective. The name is one of the most recognisable in the entire city of London, and has a long and rich association with literature and popular culture. It is only natural, then, that our Escort Diva girls have a very strong presence in this iconic location.

Domination Services
by Diva
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At Diva Escorts, we offer much more than just the presence of a beautiful woman. While this alone is usually enough to spice up your evening, many of our ladies have specific skillsets which many of clients put to good use.

The Appeal Of Shemale: Beautiful Transsexual Escorts
by Diva
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In today’s world of gender fluidity and people feeling more liberated than ever before, the sudden rise of popularity of shemale escorts is something which has been long overdue, especially in the United Kingdom. Only now, in 2017, can transsexual escorts they finally enjoy the attention they deserve.

Asian Escort Ladies
by Diva
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At Diva Escorts, we understand that everyone’s taste is different. What some men find attractive, others might not. Of course, there is the ‘classical’ beauty which all of our girls possess, but some men desire a little more in the way of specifics.

Tory: The Essence of Desire
by Diva
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This 28 year old brunette beauty is in the Top 30 Diva Escorts ladies for a good reason. Not only is she the embodiment of physical beauty, but she also has the captivating charm to make her the perfect date partner.
The Best Escorts In The Chelsea Area
by Diva
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The borough of Chelsea is one of the more affluent areas we cover in London. We receive a high amount of interest in our ladies from clients from in-and-around Chelsea, and of course, we have more than enough Chelsea beauties to satisfy whatever their needs might be.

Tate: A Goddess In Disguise
by Diva
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One of our Top 20 ladies, the beautiful Tate is a blonde angel with the kind of supermodel figure reserved for glossy magazine covers. One client claimed that Tate was an angel sent from above, while another claimed she was a seductive goddess disguised as a petite blonde sex-kitten. From a simple glance at Tate’s pictures, her sultry, perfect features draw you in immediately. While Tate is able to possesses that innocent charm which makes girls her age so appealing, she holds much more than that behind those dark, seductive eyes.
Curvy Escorts: Why We Love Them
by Diva
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At Diva Escorts we have every type of escort available, from petite stunners barely out their teens to mature vixens with years of experience behind them. It may surprise some people to learn that, while the majority of our escorts are slim, well-toned beauties in their early twenties, one of our most popular categories is the Curvy Escorts section.
Looking For Professional Date Arrangement?
by Diva
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Modern dating isn’t the simplest of activities. It’s often a minefield which involves scouring bars, clubs and online dating profiles for potential partners. It involves hours of ‘getting to know you’ conversation about the same old subjects. It involves adapting to the unwritten, unspoken rules such as playing it cool or not coming across as too keen, not to mention that these rules are constantly changing every week. It’s time consuming, it’s exhausting, and all those dinners and drinks can add up to quite a hefty sum.

Top recommended escorts that will guarantee you a good time
by Diva
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Choosing an escort is where it all begins. As you browse the gallery of escorts on our website, allow your imagination to run wild. Look at each and every girl, and imagine the dirty, dirty things that you’d do to her, and how you would instruct her to pleasure you. It might be tempting to fall back into the fantasies that you’ve had ever since you were a young boy, and look for just a specific “type” of woman – but trust us, opening yourself up to different women can revitalize your sex life in ways that you’ve never imagined.

Get Me Some Nice Girls Today!
by Diva
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As one of the most high profile escort agencies in the city of London, we at Diva Escorts pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most glamorous and captivating escorts across the whole area. Our selection of top class escorts will cater to any taste and any desire, and we have hundreds of different girls available every single day.

Biggest Choice Of Escorts In London
by Diva
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The escort scene in London is currently thriving. As of right now, there are quite literally hundreds of escort agencies offering their wares throughout the London area. The demand is high; the highest it’s ever been, in fact. More so than ever, men are longing for the accompaniment of ravishing escort beauties for all manner of events, shows, dinners and, of course, illicit activities. A night with an escort is fast becoming the go-to solution for those nights when a gorgeous lady is the only thing that could keep you satisfied.

Best London Girls Are Here
by Diva
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London is a big place. A vast, sprawling city of hustle and bustle, nightlife and all manner of social activity. It’s the third busiest city in Europe (and the sixth busiest city in the world!). Hundreds of thousands of residents are running around without barely a minute to spare, travelling to work, meeting friends and family, shopping - and ultimately - trying to meet women.

Couples escort
by Diva agency
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Escorts that are couples always fantasizes on spending time in bedrooms even at times with a third person. Couples escort often do not make this fantasy a reality due to difficulties in finding the right clients in looks and characters, without strings being attached with a guarantee of keeping it a secret.

Party Girls Escort
by Diva agency
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Party girls are those that like to "get down," so to speak. These girls are up for anything. It's not all about spending the entire time in clubs or parties in London with these party girls however; even though we're sure they would make it a night to remember.

Curvy escort
by Diva agency
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Escorts are meant to make your night or event as the case may be fun and exciting, with other guests at the event wondering how you were able to have such a cute company for the event.

A-level escort
by Diva agency
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Our A-Level escorts are seasoned professionals who know exactly how to please and get pleasure from doing so. Whether you’re into outrageous beauty, rose brunette or blonde, stunning brunettes or wild redheads there are sure to be a woman who can satisfy every client. They take pride in their diverse range of looks and personalities.

How Do You Pick The Right Escort You Need
by Diva agency
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Escorts are very important for the men who Desire for pleasure, and you will want to see an escort to have a good time. These are gorgeous women who know how to make your time more fun, and it is easy for someone to enjoy himself when they are with an escort who knows how to get you around. You need to know that you can have a good time with someone bringing you around to your expectations which you want to experience. Escorts are important, and they will make it fun for you to have someone on your arm.

Choosing the Top Divas of All Time
by Diva agency
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The divas of Today are beautiful women who will catch your fancy as soon as you see them online. You are looking for women that you can really model your tastes on, and you need to remember that all of the top divas are real women who you will find in nature if you are looking around. One woman could be famous, but there are other woman in the world who are just like her, and it is this fact that makes it more fun for you to search these divas. Each of the top divas would be fun for you, and you can find a woman that will be much like them.
Picking the Right Escort you need in a Casino
by Diva agency
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The trip that you take to the city also requires a beautiful woman to help you in the casino. You need to bring the escort along because she can help you get some more luck when you come into the casino. You need to find out how this will work when you are in the casino, and you want to make sure that she is dressed to the nines to distract the other people that you are playing with. These people want to get focused on beating you, but they will not have any chance to do that because they will be too focused on your date.

Discover the delights of the Montcalm Hotel; the perfect place to entertain high class escorts
by Diva Agency
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Occupying a rather grand location at the top of Park Lane, the 5-star luxury Montcalm Hotel is close to all the prestigious addresses in London, including Mayfair, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Marylebone, Edgware Road and Hyde Park. As an award winning hotel with simply excellent facilities and amenities, it's the perfect place to meet or entertain high class London escorts. Rated amongst the top 25 hotels in Britain, it boasts truly magnificent decor, 153 bedrooms, two gourmet restaurants and a Champagne Bar so, as you can see, it's going to be high on the list when it comes to looking for a luxurious place to stay, and play, when you're in London.  

Follow in the footsteps of royalty at the Langham, London
by Diva Agency
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Located right in the heart of the West End, The Langham, London is a hotel that's been popular with royalty, dignitaries, celebrities and people with discerning tastes for over 150 years. It's the place where astute guests go to relax and unwind, and enjoy a luxurious stay in the opulence of traditional Victorian surroundings. From its imposing exterior to its sumptuous interior, it's the ideal spot to discover some of the famous British hospitality, and enjoy some of the best service in the world. Since 1865 it's been delighting its guests with its elegant rooms and suites and, despite its size, it exudes the feeling of being a special guest in a family home. Classed as Europe's first 'Grand Hotel' it really is THE place to stay if you want to be right in the heart of the action in London, and stay in one of the most celebrated hotels in the world.

Unwind and relax at the Bulgari Hotel in London
by Diva Agency
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Isn't it time you treated yourself to a bit of 'me time'? If so, the Bulgari Hotel in London is the place to be. Located right on the edge of London's iconic Hyde Park, it's an absolutely perfect haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet it's right in the centre of Knightsbridge, meaning that you're just a stone's throw away from high class shopping, restaurants and bars, and other London attractions.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel - the perfect place to take your date
by Diva Agency
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If you're new to London, or you've been here many times and are looking for somewhere special to take or meet one of our stunning London escorts, then a visit to the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a must. Overlooking beautiful Hyde Park and located right in the middle of exclusive Knightsbridge, it's one of London's most revered 5-star hotels, and has that perfect blend of elegance and luxury.


London's infamous sex scandals
by by Diva Agency
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As our capital city, London is home to politicians, celebrities, royals and the elite echelons of society, so it's hardly surprising that they're often embroiled in sex scandals that both shock and titillate the general public. From MPs to singers, soap stars to royalty, there's always a new story hitting the headlines. Here's a juicy selection of the most salacious scandals that have rocked and shocked London in recent years.

The Strauss
by by Diva Agency
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Disgraced former chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, widely known by just his initials DSK, has faced several investigations over the last few years into allegations that he took part in sex parties and acted as a pimp for prostitutes. There's also been much speculation about the incident that took place in New York back in 2011 that caused him to resign from his position as head of the IMF. This particular allegation was made by hotel housekeeper and asylum seeker, 32 year old Nafissatou Diallo, who claimed that Strauss-Kahn attempted to rape her at the upmarket Sofitel New York Hotel in Manhattan on May 14th, 2011.

Does the demise of Soho mean an end to erotic fun in London?
by by Diva Agency
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Mention London and all kinds of things and places spring to mind. Whether you're planning to take a trip around some of the historic sites, such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, whether you're visiting the city to go shopping in some of the best shops in the world, or you simply want to take in the capital's atmosphere, there's always plenty to see and do in London.

Is there any such thing as an average escort?
by by Diva Agency
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Last month, we looked at how the fantasy of being a call girl actually compared to the reality of life as one of London's escorts.We talked about what the 'average' escort looked like, whether they used their real names, whether they ever admit their real age, how many clients they meet during an average day, what the typical client is like and more. If you'd like to know exactly what they said, then you'll have to read last month's article.

Make your ultimate fantasy come true with one of our London escorts
by by Diva Agency
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We're sure that our reviews of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl have whetted your appetite and you'd like to know more about the kind of fantasies that men want to live out when they meet with our London escorts. In the TV series, the fantasies that viewers found most arousing and intriguing were 'the threesome' and the orgy. This is hardly surprising, as in most polls of top fantasies, threesomes always rate in the top ten, if not the top three, and quite often gain that coveted first place as the most popular fantasy of all.

How does the fantasy of being a London escort compare to the reality?
by by Diva Agency
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Have you ever wondered what makes escorts tick? What they think about as they're getting ready to meet their dates? How they got into the escorting business in the first place? What are their favourite sexual games? Do they tell the truth when it comes to details such as age? What do they tell their friends and family about their profession? Do most admit the truth or do they tell them that they work somewhere else?


The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 2)
by by Diva Agency
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So did our review of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl whet your appetite and make you want to hunt down the series? Or would you like a little more input from some of the people who've already watched Billie Piper in the leading role as Belle the high class London escort?


The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed - Part 1
by by Diva Agency
Tags: #diary of the call girl #secret diary

Many people were intrigued when The Secret Diary of a Call Girl hit British screens back in 2007. Would it tell the truth about the life of high class prostitutes or would it be a letdown? Starring Billie Piper, one of the UK's best loved young actresses, it was a world away from her portrayal of Dr Who's assistant, however it certainly gave her the recognition and us the promise of her becoming a very versatile actress.


A film all about the life of an escort - is The Escort worth watching (Part 2)
by by Diva Agency
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In our last article about the film The Escort, we looked at the general storyline and gave a selection of opinions from some of the people who have watched it. These reviews were in the main positive and rated the film as good. However, while many of the reviewers found the film to be generally upbeat, true-to-life and worth watching, it's also received a number of not so positive reviews, together with some definitely damning ones. So let's give you the other side of the coin. We'll start off with a selection of reviews that found the film to be watchable, but not as good as they imagined it was going to be.

A film all about the life of an escort - is The Escort worth watching (Part 1)
by by Diva Agency
Tags: #The Escort movie #film about escort girl

Premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June of 2015 by Cloverhill Pictures, The Escort is a film about an unusual partnership between two twenty-somethings; namely a budding journalist and a high-class prostitute. A romantic comedy at heart, it explores the world of high-class escorts, and stars Michael Donegar, Lyndsy Fonseca, Tommy Dewey, Rachel Resheff, Rumer Willis, Sonya Walger and a pot smoking Bruce Campbell.

What does an escort's photos say about her?
by by Diva Agency
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Take a look through our galleries of London escorts and you'll be greeted with page after page of gorgeous girls, all dressed sexily, scantily or not at all. All the photos are taken to show the girls in their best light, and all are taken so you can get a good idea of the escort you'll be meeting before you actually make your booking. But what do an escort's photos say about her? Can you judge her personality from the clothes she's chosen, the poses she's adopting and the way she looks into the camera, or are the photos simply make-believe?

20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 5) by Diva Agency
by Diva Agency
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We hope you've enjoyed reading our series of 'first day on the job'. As you can see, escorts get into escorting through all kinds of different situations. Some make a conscious decision that it's going to be a lifestyle for them, while others fall into it when they're needing a little extra cash. But one thing they all have in common, is that their first day on the job will always stick in their memories.

20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 4) by Diva Agency
by Diva Agency
Tags: #London escorts

Many of our London escorts don't see escorting as a job, but rather as a lifestyle. They love to live life in the fast lane and love the glamour that being a high class London escort can often bring. However, others prefer to just fit in some escorting around their current responsibilities, whether that's making time to meet clients when they're not studying or making escorting fit into their life as an employee or as a stay at home mum. In this part of our series of escorts' first day at work, we're going to hear from some escorts who never really expected to join the profession at all. 

20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 3) by Diva Agency
by Div Agency
Tags: #duo escorts #London escorts

No doubt you're beginning to realise that the experiences that our escorts have on their first day in the job are as different as our escorts themselves. Some have a very gentle or positive introduction into escorting in London, while others find that entering the world of escorting can be stressful, disappointing and sometimes even quite frightening. Of course, all our escorts here at Diva are fully committed to providing the very best escort services that they can, and they are all fully committed to ensuring that you have a pleasurable time in their company. However, for some escorts things just didn't work out as they envisaged on their first day 'on the job'. 

20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 2) by Diva Agency
by Diva Agency
Tags: #new escorts #escort stories

Following on from our last post about how escorts fared on their first day on the job, here's another selection of first time experiences, which perhaps didn't go so well. While most meetings do tend to go as planned and are very pleasurable experiences, there are occasions when circumstances, or just a total mismatch of chemistry, can affect proceedings. Here's what some of our escorts in London had to say!

20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 1) by Diva Agency
by Diva Agency
Tags: #first day #new escorts

Many of us find the world of escorting fascinating, and we're sure that you're no exception. We all want to know the ins and outs (pun intended) of how their first experiences went, how they got into the job, what they think of their clients, and more. So for your enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment, 20 of our finest London escorts have shared their first experience of escorting, especially for you. Here's the first instalment of a 5 part series; we hope you enjoy reading all about them.

How I became one of the top Maida Vale Escorts by Diva Agency
by Diva Agency
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Growing up in a tiny village in Lithuania, I never for one moment thought that I'd move to England and spend my time in the upmarket restaurants, bars and clubs of London. However, I never thought I'd become one of the most requested escorts in Maida Vale either. Although to be truthful, I had no idea back then what an escort was, and neither had I heard of Maida Vale. How different life is now.