20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 2) by Diva Agency

Saturday 15th August 2015

Following on from our last post about how escorts fared on their first day on the job, here's another selection of first time experiences, which perhaps didn't go so well. While most meetings do tend to go as planned and are very pleasurable experiences, there are occasions when circumstances, or just a total mismatch of chemistry, can affect proceedings. Here's what some of our escorts in London had to say!

What a surprise I had

My first time was with a married guy. He called the agency and asked for a girl to visit him at his apartment in the city. I was free, so I was sent on an outcall. At that time I'd just joined this escort agency and I really thought that I was going to his apartment and then we'd be going out for dinner or something. When I got to his place, it was obvious that he wanted sex. I didn't know what to do. I really hadn't expected it. It seems stupid now - what on earth did I think that escorts did? Did I really think men would pay for me to just sit and look pretty opposite them in a posh restaurant? 

To cut a long story short, he realised that to have sex with me would be tantamount to rape; that I really wasn't going to consent, so in the end I sat there while he masturbated in front of me. The worst thing was I could see a photo of his wife and kids the whole time he was doing it. He only gave me twenty quid. I couldn't blame him - so I just took the money and ran.

I learned a very valuable lesson

I know that this sounds ridiculous, but even saying it now, I should have known that it would turn out to be a disaster. A couple of years ago I was really strapped for cash, so out of desperation I posted a personal ad. While it didn't say outright that I was offering sex for money, I think anyone with a grain of sense could understand the implications of what I'd written. I know it was stupid, and I could have put myself in a very dangerous situation, but I was young and naive, and I really was desperate to make a bit of quick money.

I had a few enquiries and in the end I decided to meet with a guy who said his name was Pete. I was living outside London at the time, so I knew I wasn't going to be making mega bucks, but to be honest I didn't really care as I really did need the money. Pete said he'd meet me in his car and then we'd find a quiet place to go. He offered me £40 for a couple of hours, which seemed reasonable to me, especially when I was just about earning minimum wage in my day job. Normally I'd have to work all day for that. Anyway, I agreed to meet him, knowing nothing about him other than his name and that he'd be driving a black BMW. Just thinking about it now gives me the shudders that I was willing to put myself in such a position.

I turned up at the allotted time and he was waiting exactly as he said he would be. He must have been in his late 40s, early 50s and I could tell as soon as I opened the door that he was a really heavy smoker. I got in the car with him, immediately regretting my decision, but he handed me two twenty pound notes, so at least he'd kept his half of the bargain. He started the car engine and we drove in silence for about five minutes before coming to a stop in a deserted office car park. I was petrified. All of a sudden I had visions of all kinds of bad things happening to me, and I began to wish that I'd at least told a friend where I was going. Oh the naivety of youth!

He was quite blunt about what he wanted, asking me to wank him before forcing my head down to give him a blow job. To say that his crotch smelled a bit stale is an understatement, I was gagging for more reasons that just the fact that he kept holding my head down. Tears were streaming from my eyes, my nose was running and I felt as though I couldn't get my breath, so the relief I felt when he finally spurted in my mouth was so welcome. Of course, it also dawned on me at that moment that he hadn't been wearing a condom.  Oh my God, the thought of it now just sends shivers down my spine.

Once he'd finished, he wiped himself clean with a wet wipe, and then told me to get out and get in the back. I just did as I was told. By this point I thought I'd better just get on with it, the sooner it was over the better. I had no idea how much time had passed, and wondered whether he was going to keep me here the whole two hours. He lit up a cigarette leaving me sitting in the back of the car while he smoked it. I'm a non smoker myself and can't stand the smell of fags (even more so now), so I just hoped that he wouldn't want to kiss me. After he'd stubbed it out, he clambered in the back with me. I could see straight away that he was still hard, and wondered whether he'd taken something to keep his pecker up like that.

As he got closer, I could smell the cigarette smoke on his breath, on his clothes and on his fingers. Fingers which he shoved roughly inside me, quickly followed by his cock. He pumped away at me for what seemed like ages. If he came fairly quickly the first time, the second time took an absolute age. I was willing for it to be over. Once again he didn't use a condom and I wondered how I could have been so stupid. What if I got pregnant, got an STD, or even Aids?

When he'd finished, he pulled out and wiped himself clean, before getting back in the driver's seat. He asked me where I wanted dropping. I mumbled a place where I knew I could get a bus home. He told me to stay in the back and then proceeded to drive. Before I got out, he slipped me another tenner, and said he'd keep in touch. I changed my mobile number the next day, and never placed an ad like that again. However, I did see that, properly controlled and organised, it could be a way to make a bit of extra cash, and that's when I decided to go to London and join an escort agency. Nowadays I'm very careful about the services I provide, who I'll meet and where I'll go, although I always have back up now that I'm with an agency. Oh and just in case you're wondering, luckily I didn't get pregnant, catch any STDs or other diseases, but I did learn a very valuable lesson.


Always spell out what you're not prepared to do!

I guess I started my escorting career through an adult dating website. While obviously it wasn't set up for escorts, I often received messages from guys offering me money for sex. Usually I just ignored them or replied saying that I wasn't interested, but this one time, I was intrigued, especially as the guy was offering a substantial amount of money to spend a night with me.

After we exchanged a few messages I agreed to meet him at a local hotel. At least I felt I would be safe there. I'd also read about making sure that someone knows where you are, and to arrange for them to contact you within a certain time, so I confided in my best friend and, although she wasn't exactly comfortable with the idea of me meeting a stranger for paid sex, she agreed to do as I asked.

On the arranged evening I turned up at the hotel, meeting him in the bar as requested. While he wasn't much to look at, he seemed to be a nice guy, a bit older than I'd expected, but I guess there's lots of 'not so honest' profiles on those kind of sites. Anyway after a couple of drinks, we headed up to his room. He gave me the money upfront. It was more than I'd normally earn in a week. We started off with just kissing, moved on to getting undressed and then proceeded to have straight sex. Almost on cue, as soon as he'd finished, my phone rang. My friend had kept her promise. I told her I was fine, which I was. I hadn't actually enjoyed the sex, but the thought of all that money had helped to lubricate the action.

So, I thought it was going well; he asked me to give him a massage which I did. We fooled around for a while. I think it had been a long time since he'd been able to play with such firm young tits. Then we had sex again. However, this time he was a bit rougher. He slapped my tits as he pumped in and out; then he turned me over and took me from behind. I didn't know how to respond. I was a bit frightened to be honest, but I kept thinking, I'm in a hotel room, he's not going to do anything bad. The next thing I knew he was forcing me to have anal. I'd never done it before and he wasn't gentle. I tried to resist and tell him no, but he held my head down against the pillow. Actually, fortunately once he was inside he came almost straight away, so mercifully it was over quick.

When he saw my tear stained face, he actually looked quite upset. He muttered something about thinking that I was experienced and 'up for anything'. While I'm not condoning what he'd done, I guess that I had given him that impression when we'd been chatting online, and although he hadn't asked outright for anal, I hadn't told him that it was off limits. So you live and learn. He was very apologetic, and actually tried to make amends by giving me an extra hundred quid. In the end, I decided to accept it and take it as a lesson learned.

The next day I took my profile down from the site, and even now I always tell clients that I don't do anal, so if that's their thing, they need to try another girl. While I wasn't put off by my first experience of having sex for money, I certainly learned to always spell out what I will and won't do before I meet with any client.

He threw the money at me

When I first left home I found it quite hard to budget my money, so being young and naive I decided that I needed a sugar daddy. I started hanging round the bars in some of the upmarket hotels in London, hoping that I'd catch someone's eye. Eventually my strategy, as stupid as it sounds, actually worked and I was approached by an old guy who asked me how much I wanted to spend the night with him. I plucked a figure out of the air and asked for £2000. He laughed but said he'd give me £200 for an hour. I agreed. This seemed too easy and after all an hour wasn't that long, even to spend with a guy who seemed old enough to be my granddad.

He took me up to his room, and got straight down to business. In fact, it was all over in a few minutes and try as he might, he couldn't get another erection. After a few unsuccessful attempts to bring him back to life, he told me to get dressed, then opened his wallet, counted out the money and literally threw it at me. He then went to the bathroom, and I never saw him again before I left. I guess the guy was embarrassed about his inability to perform. No wonder he hadn't wanted me to stay the night. Still it was the easiest £200 I'd ever made.

I continued to look for a sugar daddy that summer. I didn't find one, but I had a lot of one night encounters with older men, some of which obviously took something to keep them up all night. Eventually I decided to join an agency, and work as an escort in London full time now.