20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 5) by Diva Agency

Saturday 24th October 2015

We hope you've enjoyed reading our series of 'first day on the job'. As you can see, escorts get into escorting through all kinds of different situations. Some make a conscious decision that it's going to be a lifestyle for them, while others fall into it when they're needing a little extra cash. But one thing they all have in common, is that their first day on the job will always stick in their memories.

He paid me for some dirty photos

I think I was 21 or 22. I'd just come out of a long-term relationship and was looking for some sexy fun without any strings attached. I didn't really fancy picking up a guy in a bar for a one-night stand. I wanted it to be far more anonymous than that. Anyway, I'd heard of this adult site where you could just hook up for sex and knew that it would be a really easy way to find a guy who was looking for a bit of fun. After all, it wasn't the kind of site where people went to find a long-term relationship.

To cut a long story short, I met several guys from the site, although I made a decision never to meet them more than once. One day I got a message from an older guy. Normally I wouldn't even read them, but what he said intrigued me. He offered me a large sum of money just to have some photos taken of his cock inside me. He promised me there'd be no head shots, so I couldn't be recognised from the photos. I thought about it for days before I answered. The money would come in handy. In the end, I replied and agreed to do it.

We met in a hotel room. I estimate he was around 60. He asked me to get him hard, and then when he was inside me, he took some close-ups. To be honest, although I didn't think it would, the whole thing turned me on. It surprised me just how much. Of course, we ended up having sex, and I enjoyed it. He showed me the pics he'd taken and that turned me on even more. After that, he gave me the money in an envelope and I went home. Just thinking of how much money was in that envelope had me feeling randy again, and I masturbated that night, just thinking of someone paying to watch me do so.

After that, I thought more and more about men paying me to do sexual things. It wasn't purely about the sex. Sometimes I let men photograph me. Sometimes I cammed for them. Sometimes it was sex. While I never joined up with an escort agency or called myself an escort, I guess that's what I was. I sold my body in all kinds of ways. But the best thing - I loved every minute of it.

From dancer to escort

I used to be an escort until a few years ago. My first day on the job was quite easy as I was a former erotic dancer, and I saw it as an extension of that. I didn't work in a club or anything like that, I guess you'd call me a stripogram. I'd go to bachelor parties and that kind of thing, dressed in a uniform, then perform a striptease to a piece of music while the guys all watched. Sometimes it got pretty wild and of course I'd always be propositioned for more. Sometimes I'd let the guys touch me, or I'd give them a personal massage. It depended on the situation and the mood I was in.

However, the nights I liked best were the ones where 2 or 3 of us dancers would go to the party. It felt much safer to have other women with me. One night we went to a 'divorce party'. The guy was celebrating his decree absolute. Somehow that put a whole different slant on the night. Stag nights meant that the guy was celebrating an upcoming union with his partner, where this night was all about the guy celebrating his freedom.

The party was in a large house in an upmarket area of town. There must have been about 10 guys there, mainly in their 40s. There was plenty of booze and most of the guys had already had a bit to drink before we got there. This night, they'd ordered 5 'dancers' so we'd dressed up as the Spice Girls. I was Ginger, mainly because my hair at that time was bright red. We did a few Spice Girl routines, taking our clothes off as we did so. In the end we were dancing in just tiny g-strings.

As usual, the guys wanted a bit more and we obliged with a bit of a 'lesbian show'. Then one of the guys took me aside, and said that they'd give us an extra £500 each if we had sex with them. At that time, we didn't earn a lot of money, so after talking to the girls we all agreed. I guess the guys must have all clubbed together to pay for us. Once we'd agreed it became a bit of a free-for-all, I suppose it was an orgy of sorts. I even saw some of the guys playing together. It was quite a turn-on for me. I didn't feel as though I was being degraded or anything, They'd given us a choice and we'd chosen to accept money for sexual services.

After the party, the five of us decided that we could earn more money as escorts than as dancers, and we decided to set up our little agency. We did ok for a while, but eventually we all joined a bigger agency which had access to better paying clients than we could find. So I guess you could say I went from being a dancer to an escort. I'm sure a lot of girls get into the business like that.

I felt totally gross afterwards

My first day as an escort? It's a day I've tried to forget to be honest. It wasn't the best of days to say the least. One of the more experienced girls had been tasked with showing me the ropes and I'd been booked out as a duo with her. While that made me feel much more comfortable about the whole thing, I was still incredibly nervous. Not to mention that I'd never had sex in a situation with more than one person.

She gave me some tips on how to dress, helped me with my make-up and told me to just follow her cues. Waiting for the client to arrive at the flat seemed to take forever. I was constantly in and out of the bathroom, I was so nervous. Finally he turned up. He looked like any businessman you'd see in town. Well cut, expensive suit. Neat haircut, well groomed. The kind of guy you wouldn't look twice at if you passed him in the street. We went through all the greetings. And then he told us what he wanted.

When I think back to the moment I heard what his particular fetish was, I still feel slightly sick. I've never come across a guy since who wanted what this guy wanted, although I've certainly come across all kinds of fetishes in my time. He wanted us to feed him his own semen. To my horror, the other escort looked totally non-plussed and told him that we were experts at doing that.

So, we fooled around for a bit. She started by kissing me and running her hands over my body. Before I knew it we were naked and she was beginning to undress him and I remember being surprised at how hard he was. Anyway, we helped him to get to the point of coming and then let him finish over our breasts. We then scooped up the come on our fingers and fed it into his mouth. It became a kind of game. He kept his mouth tightly shut and we literally had to force it into his mouth with him pulling all kinds of disgusted faces. He'd told us beforehand that he'd fight us, but we mustn't give in. It was all part of the fetish - that he was forced to eat his own come against his will.

I felt physically sick as I was doing it. Even now I can see the stringy globs dripping from my fingers and his lips as I tried to force my fingers in his mouth. I considered it to be totally gross.  Luckily he'd only booked for an hour and the hour was nearly up. I think the other escort could see that I was struggling, so she sent me to get some stuff to clean him up before he left. Never have I been so glad to be out of a room.

It was a bit of a baptism by fire. After that the other guys seemed very normal. I realised afterwards that this particular agency always booked the new girls in with this guy to see if they had the mettle to cope with unusual requests. If they didn't, they usually left after that first meeting. However, afterwards, while I felt totally grossed out by what had happened, the fact that I'd earned more for that hour than I'd usually earn in a week, convinced me to stay. After a while, I was the 'experienced' escort breaking in the new girls. Plus me and the guy with the 'come fetish' are the best of friends now. Funny how life turns out, isn't it?

I think 'odd' is the best way to sum it up!

Just like most new escorts, I was very nervous my first time. If you're not, then there must be something wrong with you I think. While I would call myself sexually experienced, to transition from fun sex to paid sex is quite a thing to get your head around. Plus, I was worried that somehow I was going to be caught out by the police or something and done for prostitution. However, we'd had it drummed into us that escorting was not prostitution. We were being paid for our time. Not for sex. But the fact that a guy was coming to an apartment to meet me, that we weren't going out for drinks or a meal, or anything like that, made me think that the meeting was all about sex and nothing else.

I found the meeting very awkward to begin with. The guy seemed very nervous too. As though it was his first time, although I learned later that he often visited escorts. However, it didn't take long for me to relax. Once I'd got over the money stage. I'll always remember the way he handed me the envelope. I'd been told I should check it to make sure it was all there, but it felt so rude to do so. Opening the envelope for the first time was a big surprise. Purely because I'd never seen so much cash in one place. We do everything electronically now, so I rarely have a lot of cash on me. So seeing all that money in the envelope and knowing that it was payment for my company was quite a thrill. Later, I learned a trick from a more experienced escort, which was to just excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and check it in there.

The guy seemed quite nervous throughout the whole time he was there. Don't get me wrong. The meeting went really well. He was a bit older than me but, as I found out later, he was quite well known about town, and the last thing he wanted was for it to get out that he visited escorts, especially as his engagement had just been announced in some high class publication. I have no idea why he felt the need to see escorts if he was getting married. Plus he was good looking, obviously rich and well connected. It just didn't seem to make sense to me. However, we're told never to ask why they visit us, so I just kept my mouth shut and concentrated on pleasing him.

The guy was very happy with our meeting, and showed his appreciation by giving me a tip, a 5 star review and another booking, so I've got him to thank for giving me such a positive start to my escorting career.