Top recommended escorts that will guarantee you a good time

Friday 30th June 2017
Top recommended escorts that will guarantee you a good time

How to choose an escort

Choosing an escort is where it all begins. As you browse the gallery of escorts on our website, allow your imagination to run wild. Look at each and every girl, and imagine the dirty, dirty things that you’d do to her, and how you would instruct her to pleasure you. It might be tempting to fall back into the fantasies that you’ve had ever since you were a young boy, and look for just a specific “type” of woman – but trust us, opening yourself up to different women can revitalize your sex life in ways that you’ve never imagined.

When choosing an escort, always read the reviews provided so that you’ll have a better understanding of how your potential escort performs in real life. On our gallery of escorts, we provide plenty of reviews for each individual escort, including the duration of visit, rating, and comments for each assignment that said escort has been on.

Akkulina, the Russian bombshell of your dreams

If you haven’t had the chance to be intimate with a Russian woman yet, you’re missing out. Apart from having an insanely sexy and exotic accent, Russian women are known to be notoriously beautiful, as well as eager to please. Back in Russia, the gender ratio is out of control – there are tons more women than men. As a result, women have to compete for the men’s affections and attentions, and due to this, they’re highly skilled at dressing up, looking good, and pleasuring men.

Akkulina, a gorgeous brunette who’s 5’10 and has luscious 32C breasts, is no different. This beauty will bend over backwards to please you and to make sure that you have a good time – your sexual satisfaction is her number one priority. She loves dressing up and roleplaying as nurses, schoolgirls, secretaries or more to indulge in your fantasy, and also gives a mean lapdance and striptease that can rival that of any professional stripper’s.

Akkulina is one of our Top 30 girls and is regularly engaged with clients. Make sure you book as soon as possible to secure your slot with this Russian bombshell!

Tala, the blonde girl next door

Ever fantasized about ripping the skirt off one of those slutty blonde cheerleaders and taking them in the middle of the field, with everyone watching? You’ll love Tala, who is, for many of our clients, a schoolboy’s fantasy come true. Standing at 5’8 and a pair of cute, perky, 32A breasts, Tala is unbelievably pretty, but also helluva hot in bed. Tala is also one of our Top 30 ladies.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a FFM threesome, this is your chance to do so. Tala is bi, and will gladly take on yourself, and a woman of your choice. This can be your current partner, if she’s open-minded enough. Alternatively, we can arrange for another female escort to join you, and provide you with the hottest night of your life.

This is the stuff that dreams are made of – and years down the road, you’ll still look back on this night of indulgence fondly. There’s really nothing quite like watching two beautiful women caress each other sensually and eat each other out – this will be sure to get your engines all revved up, after which you can join them, and have them turn their attention to you and cater to your every need.

Heidi, the sensuous massage expert

Heidi, who stands at just 5’3 and has lovely 34B breasts, comes highly recommended by many of her past clients for the best Girlfriend Experience. Heidi is particularly popular with businessmen who are seeking to unwind and destress, and have an attractive woman to whom they can chat with and have fun with. They say good things come in small packages – and Heidi certainly won’t disappoint.

Heidi’s expertise lies in making you feel comfortable, and creating that close bond and connection with you. Confide in her, share with her your deepest, darkest secrets, tell her what’s on your mind – she genuinely enjoys getting to know you, and hearing all about your day. Whilst you’re doing so, you can have her provide you with her signature tantric (erotic) massage, which will work out all the knots in your body, and heighten your arousal. Finally, after you’ve built up all that sexual tension, take Heidi and have your way with her as she moans and cries out your name in her passion.

Looking for more? We have plenty more girls in our gallery. Alternatively, contact us to tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the woman of your dreams!