Tory: The Essence of Desire

Friday 28th July 2017
Tory: The Essence of DesireThis 28 year old brunette beauty is in the Top 30 Diva Escorts ladies for a good reason. Not only is she the embodiment of physical beauty, but she also has the captivating charm to make her the perfect date partner. She’s been describes as angelic by one of her clients. Another client claims that Tory is the finest woman on the entire Divas Escort roster. All of her clients praise her incredible looks and figure, but what is it that sets Tory apart from our other buxom beauties? Looking at Tory’s reviews, it is not difficult to see why she’s a very in-demand girl. One review states: “Yes, Tory's back in London and after hearing the overwhelming count of positive feedback about Tory, I just had to see her because it almost sounded like she's too good to be true with the looks, personality to melt for and the way she makes every experience unique and memorable” A second one claims: “There is something fantastically feminine about this lady. Ma be it is the combination of desirable but unreachable? Tory has a wonderful pout both in her pictures and in reality.” Of course, it is very important to us at Diva Escorts that our models in the photographs look the same in the flesh. Nothing would turn a client off more than if they expected to see a sultry vixen but instead got something else. However, as evident from the amount of reviews which Tory has received, as well as the amount of repeat clients she has, it’s safe to say that she may be even more beautiful in real life than she is in her photographs. Another review for Tory claims: “Tory is an adorable girl. I spent wonderful time with her. Absolutely stunning, warm and wonderful smile. Counting days to visit her again.” Another reason which Tory is in our Top 30 ladies is because, at 28 years of age, Tory has been on the scene long enough to be considered ‘experienced’. By our criteria, Tory is one of our mature Divas, and maturity is directly linked to experience in many ways. Tory has been escorting for a number of years now, and this means that she’s fully equipped to handle anything a client might throw her way. Maturity is very attractive to our clients because it means that the lady in question has a few stories to tell. It also means that the lady knows how to really put a man at ease should they require it. A lot of clients get nervous the first time they meet one of our escorts, which is, of course, completely normal. Being in the presence of a perfect-ten Russian bombshell like Tory is enough to make any man quiver with excitement. Take for example the following short review from one of her clients: “Tory was friendly and funny and helped put me at ease.” It is clear that helping a client feel comfortable and relaxed is a skill which is necessary on the escort scene, and can only be learnt from years of experience. Fortunately, Tory possesses the skill to make all of her clients feel as comfortable as they need to be, and this is no easy feat when you’re dealing with a man who is awestruck by your beauty! A review for Tory which seems to sum her up perfectly states: “What can I say about Tory? She is a really beautiful girl, with whom you can easily fall in love. Lovely smile, beautiful face (even more than the pics to me), great body. She was a dream girlfriend. The one who really cares to make you feel great. I treated her as my GF and I felt she had a good time. Beautiful eyes. Naughty smile. I will certainly return since I enjoy our time together very much” Mauro said everything that needs to be said about this extravagant vixen. She has that one-in-a-million body, a figure which is made to be appreciated, and the allure of a woman who is very confident in her abilities. If you’re in the Paddington, Bayswater or Royal Oak areas of London, then Tory is the go-to girl if you need to add some spice to your evening. Don’t hesitate to book with her now. Any doubts you may have will be cast aside the second you’re in the presence of this magnificent girl. The reviews don’t lie.