Chelsea Cloisters – A Hotspot to Meet Escort Girls

Chelsea Cloisters – A Hotspot to Meet Escort Girls

When it comes to outcall sessions, a lot of our clients prefer to conduct their business in a neutral location. These locations are usually motels or hotels somewhere between the client’s location and the escort’s location. Rendezvousing with a beautiful, seductive lady of the night can be an incredibly sensual experience; it adds a little naughty edge to the proceedings.

The area of Chelsea, as you might know, is one of the most prestigious areas in London. Its affluence and prosperity is widely known thanks to the hit TV show Made In Chelsea – a programme which highlights the kind of affluent lifestyle enjoyed by its residents.

In keeping with Chelsea’s luxury status, the escorts who work within the Chelsea area are similarly high class, elegant and sophisticated. Our Chelsea girls are some of the most divine beauties in the entire London area, and all offer the grace and professionalism of a world class call girl.

Many of our Chelsea escorts have been treated to evenings at the prestigious Chelsea Cloisters – a luxury apartment complex which doubles as a hotel for regular visitors to the Chelsea area. The apartments are spacious, grandiose and maintained to the highest possible standard.

Our escorts who have conducted business in Chelsea Cloisters have nothing but positive things to say about the location. Many hotels in the Chelsea area don’t offer the luxury which our Chelsea girls enjoy, whereas the Chelsea Cloisters are the perfect backdrop for an evening of elegance followed by sexual exploration.

Outcalls can be a demanding experience for our clients. In contrast to incalls, it can be difficult for a client to maintain their anonymity during an outcall as they must reveal their basic personal information in exchange for an escort’s trust. Many clients prefer to conduct their outcall business at a hotel as opposed to their personal home for many reasons, and the Chelsea Cloisters is somewhat considered the ‘go-to’ option for Chelsea-based meet-ups. 

Despite its overt luxury, the Chelsea Cloisters is reasonably priced, especially when an evening there involves bouts of passionate love making with a drop-dead gorgeous diva. Each room is designed to feel like a home – unlike many of the local hotels which are simply bland and uncharacteristic – so even multiple visits there will be a different experience each time. It can truly feel like a home, and one which is made all the more extravagant by the presence of a beautiful, high class escort.

Of course, our Chelsea girls’ services don’t just begin and end with sex. Our girls are available for a hell of a lot more, too. If you happen to be in the Chelsea area on business and you’re staying at the Cloisters, why not combine the best of both worlds?

If you’re headed to a corporate event, showing up with an exotic beauty on your arm is sure to make an otherwise dull evening a lot more exciting. Then, when the boring stuff is over with, retire back to your room for a night of professional seduction. The fact you’re in the Cloisters is sure to make your lady of the night a very excited girl – our Chelsea girls love being wined and dined just like any other, and they particularly enjoy it when they can make love in a luxurious environment. It makes for a much more enjoyable evening for both you and your escort.

Another advantage to an outcall session is that you can fully relax once your session is over - without having to worry about your journey home. In these cases, ladies who offer professional massage services are very desirable as they can offer post-session rub downs to really ease you into a relaxed state. A lot of our Chelsea girls offer this service, so if this sounds like heaven to you, simply check our escort profiles to see which of our Chelsea girls provide it.

At Escorts Guru, we understand that the right escort can turn a good night into a great one. Therefore, we offer a wide range of beauties which are sure to please any taste, any preference. Not only are our books overflowing with classic blonde and brunette stunners, but we also cater to other niches such as domination services, curvy girls, Asian girls and in the case of a few agencies – even transgender girls.

We know that every client is different, so we pride ourselves on being able to cater to your specific needs. We’re one of the leading agencies in the London area – not just in Chelsea – so booking with us will ensure a night that you won’t forget. Our ladies are very in-demand, so book with us tonight for an experience which will keep you coming back for more.