How I became one of the top Maida Vale Escorts by Diva Agency

Sunday 26th July 2015

Growing up in a tiny village in Lithuania, I never for one moment thought that I'd move to England and spend my time in the upmarket restaurants, bars and clubs of London. However, I never thought I'd become one of the most requested escorts in Maida Vale either. Although to be truthful, I had no idea back then what an escort was, and neither had I heard of Maida Vale. How different life is now.

With the advent of Perestroika in the late 1980s, and following the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1990, we began to believe that life could be different from that experienced by our parents. Many of the people I grew up with were already making plans to leave Lithuania as soon as they could, despite the fact that we were still children. All we knew was that there was a whole new life out there, and that as soon as we were old enough, we were going to go and find it. To cut a long story short, I found myself in London together with two of my friends, eager to find out what life in the West had to offer. Being young and pretty we soon found work in the clubs and bars of the West End, but this didn't bring the kind of lifestyle we envisaged.

One evening we met a young guy who told us that we were wasted serving drinks behind a bar and that he could introduce us to someone who had far more lucrative work available. That 'someone' ran one of the escort agencies in the city and they were always on the lookout for fresh, new girls to join their portfolio of London escorts.

Back then we were quite naive. Escorting in London seemed an impossibly glamorous lifestyle. We had visions of attending parties and premiers every night and being wined and dined in some of the top restaurants in the city. However, we soon discovered that it meant hanging around in rundown apartments waiting for the punters to arrive. Despite our initial disappointment, we found that it was an easy, and more often than not fortunately, enjoyable way to make a living. The majority of the punters were great. They were pleasant and generous. Of course, we got the odd one where we couldn't wait to get him out of the door, but generally the lifestyle meant that we could afford to get a better apartment, buy nicer clothes, and yes, we did get to go to some of those clubs which, until then, we'd only read about.

However, my big break came when I managed to pass the interviews and selection tests for one of the top escort agencies in London. I was so excited. Not only did it mean that I'd have access to more affluent clients, but I'd be able to increase my rates and so earn more money. The initial days were a bit of a frenzy as I was caught up in a whirlwind of photo sessions, grooming appointments and some shopping for new clothes too. It was as if I'd been reinvented. I had a new 'professional' name, a new hair colour, a new wardrobe and a new comfortable and very classy escort apartment in Maida Vale.  To be honest, I didn't know much about this area of London, but I knew as soon as I stepped out of the cab and saw my new home, I knew that I'd be happy there. 

Comprising mainly residential properties it had a genteel air which I loved. As much as I loved partying and the bright lights of the West End, I felt more at home in places that had history behind them. My apartment in Maida Vale was in a renovated red brick house just near to the Regent's Canal and Little Venice. I felt at home there, and very happy to be working for this new agency. Within days I had bookings; my clients were more upmarket than previously encountered and many of them were happy to take me to dinner before retiring to my apartment. I soon found that Annouls on Edgware Road became my favourite restaurant, and I especially loved spending time at the Colonnade, a very cosy boutique hotel in Little Venice.

However, it was the clients that made my life as an escort in Maida Vale pleasurable; particularly one whom I'll call John. John was a couple of years older than me, and a successful city trader. I was very surprised when he first turned up at my apartment, as I couldn't imagine why he would want to visit an escort. However, I'd learned very quickly in my life as a London escort that you shouldn't pre-judge any clients or their motives for visiting escorts. Our first meeting was nice; he was very polite, very respectful and not overly demanding. He was easy to please and was obviously happy with my service as he booked a meeting for the following week as soon as he left my apartment. This soon turned into a regular booking and, just like clockwork, every Thursday evening at 8:00pm he'd turn up at my door. He was always impeccably dressed and, after the first few meetings, he always brought me a box of colourful macarons from the Quince Tree Cafe in Little Venice. I remember telling him that they were my absolute favourites.

John liked to talk, or should I say, he liked me to talk. So I'd tell him about my life in Lithuania before I'd left to see the world. We'd talk about the films we'd seen, food, wine, art  - everything really. Just general chit chat. He never mentioned his home life and I never asked. As I said before, he wasn't particularly demanding. I had some clients who liked very particular things, such as domination and some of the more, let's say, erotic escort services, however John seemed happy to just cuddle, have basic sex and some oral. I always felt happy when Thursday evenings came around, as it was almost as though he was my regular boyfriend rather than just a client.

He never arranged to meet anywhere other than at my flat in Maida Vale. There were no meetings for cocktails, or dinner, or parties at clubs. I wasn't bothered by that. I had several clients who liked to treat me to those kind of dates, so I was happy to have something quite low-key with John. I'd recently started a massage course and I used to practice my techniques on him. By massage, I don't mean erotic massage, although most massages did end up with me massaging more than tired limbs. I'd actually enrolled on a course to learn how to do all kinds of massage, from Swedish to Hot Stones, as I was planning to open a small day spa when I'd exhausted my escorting life. I knew that once I passed my mid-thirties it would become increasingly more difficult to compete with the beautiful, fresh young girls who arrived at the agency every week.

I'd already managed to find an investor for my business, and now I was starting to acquire some skills so that I'd have a hands-on role in the spa. Massage seemed a great option as not only could I use this to my advantage as an escort, but I genuinely loved the feeling of giving a massage. Of course, once I'd added massage to my list of escorting services, I received many bookings from men seeking the ultimate relaxation after a busy day, and I found myself giving plenty of massages as an escort in Maida Vale.

From the beginning of my course, I'd used John as my willing 'tester' for my massage techniques. He had a very firm body (he obviously worked out) and so it was good practice for me, to learn how to relax his muscles, especially after his sessions at the gym. Rather than massage with some of the sweet smelling oils we used at college, I'd bought some more masculine, citrus and cedar oils for my male clients. I actually found massaging John quite hard work, but I also found it extremely relaxing, not to mention arousing. Stroking my hands over his firm muscles was a very erotic experience. I used all the techniques I'd been taught to work out the knots in his tight muscles, the little rotations of my thumbs, the stroking of my forearms down and across his back. Sometimes I became a little 'lost' in my own pleasure as I worked his body with my hands. I always added an extra half hour onto John's booked time to allow for this massage, as in some ways, he was doing me a favour by allowing me to practice on him. I adored stroking his body. Most of my massage was done by touch only as I kept my eyes firmly shut to savour the experience.

I have to admit, I looked forward to these sessions with John immensely. They had become something special for me. I'd take more care with my grooming before he arrived, but I'd wear less make up than I would for other clients as I knew he preferred me without. I bought ever more sexy lingerie and negligees and would answer the door dressed in nothing but a sheer negligee and heels. I'd use all my womanly wiles on him, massaging not just his body but his ego. I'd caress him with my hands, until I couldn't resist any longer; pulling off the negligee and sliding my bare body against him. Of course, he responded as any full blooded male would, pulling me closer and letting me writhe on top of him, until I felt his hard erection enter me.

Over the next few months I knew that my feelings for John had taken a bit of a turn. I counted the days until our Thursday night appointment. I wondered what he did when he was not with me. I thought of more and more erotic ways to arouse him, hoping that my sexual play would encourage him to fall in love with me. I was totally smitten, and I knew I'd done what all escorts are warned against. I'd fallen in love with a client.

And then one Thursday evening, as he was putting on his jacket to leave, he turned to me and said softly. "I'm getting married at the weekend, and so I won't be coming anymore." I felt as though my world had ended. He went on to explain that his fiancée didn't believe in sex before marriage and that's why he'd been visiting me. He thanked me for being so lovely, so accommodating and so sexy, but told me very firmly that he wouldn't be seeing me again. As he walked out of the door, I felt the tears streaming down my face, but as I had another client due in 30 minutes, I had to suppress my feelings, fix the damage and put a smile back on my lips.

John was true to his word and I didn't see him anymore. Whether he really had been getting married at the weekend, or whether he was trying to extricate himself from a difficult situation, as he'd obviously realised that I'd fallen in love with him, I'll never know.

It took me months to get over John. Even though we'd only seen each other once a week, I missed him immensely. I threw myself into my work, taking extra bookings, so that I didn't have to think about him. My massage skills improved to such an extent that I was regularly booked for massages by new and existing clients. My recommendations grew and before I knew it I was one of the most requested escorts in Maida Vale. Some nights I had more bookings than I could handle. But gradually the pain started to ease, and I was able to take advantage of my popularity by becoming a little more exclusive. I had a waiting list of clients waiting to see me. I was invited to private parties, and intimate get-togethers with some of the most eligible men in London. However, I'd learned my lesson well, and I wasn't prepared to fall in love with any of my punters ever again.

I'm still one of the most requested escorts in Maida Vale, but gradually I'm reducing the amount of bookings I take. I have my investor for my day spa, and soon I'll retire from escorting and run that full time. However, I'll never forget the client called John.