Is there any such thing as an average escort?

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Last month, we looked at how the fantasy of being a call girl actually compared to the reality of life as one of London's escorts.We talked about what the 'average' escort looked like, whether they used their real names, whether they ever admit their real age, how many clients they meet during an average day, what the typical client is like and more. If you'd like to know exactly what they said, then you'll have to read last month's article.

This month we want to take a closer look at the average escort.

Three kinds of 'working girl'

Most people would agree that there are three basic kinds of 'working girl' in the UK; that is women who sell sexual services.

The Streetwalker - think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

The first is the woman who fits the typical image of a prostitute; the one who hangs around street corners wearing a low cut top, tiny mini skirt and thigh high boots waiting for the next punter. Conjure up a mental picture of Julia Roberts character in the film Pretty Woman and you'll know exactly what we mean. These 'streetwalkers' ply their trade to passing motorists or even people passing by on foot, offering anything from a quick hand job or BJ to the full works, albeit usually in the confined space available in the back of a car. These are the women who don't see selling sex as a career, but rather something that they do out of necessity to make sure that the bills are paid on time, their kids are fed, or even to get together enough money for their next fix. Prices are low, risks are high, and they're considered to be the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to sex-workers.  

Those girls who work in a parlour or brothel

Moving on from the street or nightwalkers, we find a tier of call girls who work in a brothel alongside other women. They only offer 'incalls', in that the men come to the establishment and request some kind of service. Sometimes this is disguised under the pretence of a massage, where the woman gives the client a massage which usually culminates in a 'happy ending' of one kind or another. Some men stay 'faithful' to their regular call girl, while others prefer to spread their love around and sample a variety of masseuses, but the overriding factor is that these women work in a specified location where the men visit them to take advantage of their services.

These parlours or brothels can provide all kinds of services from massage to much more specialist services. Certainly when we talk about specialist services, the famous Streatham brothel which was run by Madame Cynthia Payne springs to mind. Cynthia became the UK's best known brothel keeper in the 1980s when she was sentenced to 18 months in prison for her part in running a brothel where men paid with luncheon vouchers for the privilege of dressing up in sexy lingerie and being spanked by young women. Of course, the fact that her clients included a peer of the realm, an MP, company directors, solicitors and even a few clergymen made this particular brothel particularly notorious.

The Escort Girls

The third kind of working girl is the escort. These are the women who mainly do incalls, but rather than working in a brothel or parlour, they work from an apartment with clients pre-booking sessions of varying length, which can be anything from 30 minutes to several hours. Some escorts choose to belong to an escort agency, while others prefer to be independent. If they choose to sign up with one of the many escort agencies in London, the agency will usually promote her via their website, organise all her meetings for her, advertise her services and, of course, take a cut of whatever money she makes. An independent escort will do all this for herself, with many independents choosing to set up their own websites, rather than seeking to simply advertise their services on a card in a phone box, which was once the only way that an escort could find her customers.

Today, things have moved on a little and both agency escorts and independent girls rely on the internet for clients, particularly as many clients will leave recommendations online for other potential clients to read. In addition to the websites set up by escort agencies, you'll find at least three online directories of UK escorts, together with all their contact details, making it easier than ever to book escort services discreetly.

There's no such thing as a typical escort

In last month's article "How does the fantasy of being a London escort compare to the reality?", we briefly discussed the physical characteristics of escorts, and how most men would describe an 'average' escort. However, as we've come to see, there is no such thing as your average or typical escort and, far from being a size 10 blonde with 34D breasts, our London escorts are a wide mix of nationalities, hair colours, sizes and heights. While many of our escorts are indeed blonde, you'll probably find that the majority of our London escorts have a variation of brown hair, meaning that you'll have plenty of choice if you're particular passion happens to be brunette escorts. We also have many women in our busty escorts' gallery, with breast sizes ranging from D cups right through to natural DD and F cups. In fact, if you're looking for busty escorts, Diva has an absolutely fantastic selection of girls who are not just big in the boob department, but big in the looks and personality department too. 

During a survey of independent escorts, Jon Millward (a data analyst) found that contrary to popular opinion, there isn't a typical escort. Escorts ranged in age from 20 through to their late fifties; some were as small as 5 feet 1 inches tall, while others were over 6 feet; bust sizes ranged from small and pert 32A right through to 44GG and, of course, hair colours ranged from the lightest blonde through to the darkest black with every colour in between. This is also true of our agency escorts. Some of our London escorts are in their late teens while, for those of you who prefer more mature escorts, we have ladies who are in the thirties, forties and even older. Some of our escorts are students who are using escorting as a way to help them through the financial demands of full time study, while others have chosen escorting as a career choice for the next few years. Some escorts are new entrants to the profession and are yet to discover whether it's a lifestyle they enjoy, while others have spent several years building up both their experience and their reputation.

How do men's descriptions of escorts compare to those of the escorts themselves?

Interestingly, men tend use many of the same words when it comes to describing the average escort. Word such as slim, nice, blonde, lady, pretty, great, sexy, attractive, gorgeous and beautiful, top the list, which tends to show that men mainly choose an escort based on their physical attributes. As for the escorts themselves, they most frequently use words such as sexy, sensual, lady, hot, natural, friendly, genuine, well-educated, naughty, intelligent and passionate, which suggests that they would rather let their personalities and intellect do the talking rather than their looks. The typical escort girl, as described by clients, is a slim, nice blonde whereas the escorts themselves describe an average escort girl as being a sexy, sensual lady. Moreover, the men mentioned the escorts' hair, breasts and eyes the most, whereas the escorts mentioned their eyes, hair and smile. 

Choosing to use escorts from escort agencies

Many men prefer to book their escort services through an agency. An escort agency such as Diva, gives clients access to hundreds of beautiful escorts of many different nationalities. We take care of all the bookings, make all the arrangements and will help at every level to make meetings successful. Plus, as we have a top notch reputation to keep, we only ever promote the kind of girls who we believe will make top class, reliable escorts.

While many men will have a certain type of woman in mind when he first starts to look through an agency's pages, he'll soon find that escort agencies offer a myriad of escorts in all shapes and sizes. This can often be quite confusing for first time visitors to a site, particularly when faced with so many beauties. If you're finding this a problem, it's probably best to narrow down your search a little, and if you're planning an incall, filtering by 'location' is often a good place to start. This will show you exactly who is available in your area, so that you can make a choice. Whether you then choose an escort with a particular body type or hair colour, is entirely up to you.

From Russian escorts to Brazilian escorts

When it comes to choosing an escort companion, many men will prefer a certain nationality. Diva are well known for having the best selection of Russian escorts in London. These girls are not just some of the crème-de-la crème of escorts, but they're often available for escort services in their home country, so if you're planning to visit Moscow anytime soon we can organise for one of our escorts in Russia to meet with you when you arrive. Of course, we don't only offer escorts from Russia, but have Eastern European escorts, escorts from Western Europe, Brazil, Japan and even Arab escorts, if that's what you prefer. So as you can see, choosing to book an escort through an agency opens up a world of choice that's very hard to beat. Not only are our escorts some of the best in the business, but they'll always go that extra step to ensure that you get the very best service as befitting one of the top escort agencies in London.

Your chance to meet with some of the best escorts in London

While we believe that every one of our escorts has something very special to offer, we like to provide a select few with extra promotional opportunities. That's why you'll find that we have a recommended escort gallery, which features some of our most requested and popular escorts. These escorts are the ones that always go that extra mile to make sure that you leave their company feeling as though you've had the best time possible, so if you're looking for an extra-special treat, it's time to check them out. We also go one step further by offering regular clients a special membership option, which will give you the opportunity to take advantage of special offers and promotions, and to meet with some of most highly rated London escorts.