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Wednesday 27th January 2016

We're sure that our reviews of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl have whetted your appetite and you'd like to know more about the kind of fantasies that men want to live out when they meet with our London escorts. In the TV series, the fantasies that viewers found most arousing and intriguing were 'the threesome' and the orgy. This is hardly surprising, as in most polls of top fantasies, threesomes always rate in the top ten, if not the top three, and quite often gain that coveted first place as the most popular fantasy of all.

In The Secret Diary of a Call Girl we find Hannah telling the viewers about one particular fantasy which involves being invited to an orgy and then surprise, surprise one of her punters comes up with the idea of attending one, leading Hannah to comment "I love it when my personal desires are the same as my professional duties."  And let's face, don't we all? Isn't it everyone's dream to do a job where your duties and passions collide.

Anyway, back to the show - Hannah gets to attend an orgy where it seems that anything goes, from a woman complete with painted gold nipples, couples having sex all over the place to a burlesque artist complete with a dress made out of balloons which covers nothing but a tiny g-string. So we find Belle, having removed her own g-string, keen to get down to business, but finding that her companion wishes to wait. He, of course, has his own agenda, the main one being to play the voyeur and watch all the other male guests' (and perhaps some of the female ones) responses to his sexy partner. He tells Belle that if she's really desperate then maybe they'll have sex when they get home. It seems like it's not so much the orgy or the sex with multiple partners that he desires, but the opportunity to live out his voyeuristic fantasies.

This scenario leads us onto a discussion of men's fantasies. As we've already said, threesomes seem to be every man's fantasy - but why exactly?

What is a threesome?

Before we go on, let's just explain what we mean by a threesome. A threesome or ménage à trois is the participation of three people in a sexual encounter. Most commonly they consist of two women and one man (the most popular fantasy), but they can consist of any combination, two men and one woman, three women or even three men. Whatever floats your boat. However, as we've said, the most common combination tends to be MFF (one man and two women), with men being particularly keen to fulfil this particular sexual fantasy, even more so if the women are willing to perform bisexual sex acts.  This particular kind of fantasy is gratifying to the male's ego, and gives them a chance for an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the sex lives of lesbians although, of course, these particular lesbians just happen to love having sex with men too. But one thing is for sure, the threesome is certainly one of the most common male fantasies, probably due to the fact that historically men often took more than one wife, with some being lucky enough to have a whole harem to satisfy their sexual needs.

Not just one man and two women

An increasing number of men are also fantasising about having a threesome with both a woman and a man. Whether that's because they just like the idea of being in the company of another man while they both focus all their attention on the female partner; it's a way to experiment with a male; or they'd like the female to take complete control and direct their involvement with the other man, a threesome seems a safe way for some men to have sexual contact with a male without looking for homosexual sex. Some men even love the idea of playing the cuckold, in that they seek out threesomes with another man as a way to watch their partner or wife having sex with someone else.

Women like threesomes too

Of course, that's not to say that some women don't wish to experience two men at the same time, although the most common time for this to happen seems to be during those years when women are experimenting with sex, for example, during their college or university years. Certainly it's become far more acceptable for women to admit that they'd like to experience a scenario where they're being pleasured by two hot men at the same time, or even a man and a woman.

Why is the idea of a threesome so popular?

The popularity of the threesome seems to come down to one thing - that it's going to be double the fun, double the pleasure and double the excitement. That having two lovers is so much more fun than interacting with one sexual partner. However, one thing that many fantasists overlook is that in your fantasy, you're the one creating the story, you create every move, every bit of dialogue, the excitement and the outcome. Everything is perfect, including your libido and your ability to satisfy all concerned. In reality, however, it might not work out that way. Men's libido can be up-and-down to say the least; you might find that the reality doesn't actually you on, and what you thought would excite the other participants may not appeal to them at all, unless you happen to have discussed the whole scenario in minute detail beforehand.

What kind of people want to experience a threesome?

Threesome fantasies are particularly common for men who married at an early age, or who didn't really 'sow their wild oats' before they settled down and committed themselves to one woman, so you'll often find newly divorced men, or middle aged men, seeking to expand their sexual horizons and experiment with threesomes, and orgies. However, for men that are still in relationships, it can be quite a dangerous thing to actually make your fantasies into reality, especially if you try to include your current partner in the proceedings.

Involving your current partner

One thing about the threesome fantasy is that it can be vibrant, especially if your real-life partner or lover is the focus of the action. It's often seen as a way to breathe new life into a stagnant or predictable sex-life. However, it can be very easy to misread the signs and end up in a situation where someone, or all of the participants get hurt.

If the male is already in a relationship and tries to include his current partner, unless both are really into the idea it's quite usual to find that some form of persuasion or coercion is needed to get the other partner on board. This can lead to all kinds of negative feelings, not just of sexual jealousy but of betrayal and even anger, especially if one person feels that they have been coerced into playing out the fantasy. In these cases, it's probably best to just leave the threesome as a fantasy to spice up your time in the bedroom.

Don't forget to practice safe sex

One thing to be aware of if you're planning to indulge in a threesome is the possibility of contracting some form of STD, even if you do take precautions. That's why, if you are hell bent on experiencing extra-curricular activities, visiting escorts can be a much safer way to do so. After all, escorting is their profession and so they're extra meticulous about their sexual health.

But what if the idea of a particular fantasy just won't go away and you'll do anything you can to experience the reality?

Let's look at what a fantasy is. According to the English philosopher John Richter, "Fantasy rules over two-thirds of the universe, the past and the future, while reality is confined to the present'. 

But what does he actually mean by this?

Believe it or not, fantasy actually makes up a huge part of our thoughts, and not just sexual ones at that. However, our sexuality is often fuelled by things that have happened to us in the past that we'd like to recreate and things that we want to happen in the future - perhaps a certain act, or something with a specific person. And then, of course, there are those kind of fantasies which, although they make you incredibly horny and aroused just to think about them, are the kind of scenarios that you never really envisage happening or you would be horrified if you found yourself in that particular situation. They're your own personal and private kinky fantasyland that sometimes you feel confident enough to share with your partner, or which you prefer to keep entirely private for the sole purpose of arousing yourself. Your fantasies can be brief scenarios, an idea that sparks the flame of passion or a long and complicated story that you continually play out and savour. They can be anything from erotic imagery to sounds, or even smells but, whatever form they take, they exist purely to arouse your sexual feelings.

Sexual fantasies are not just powerful and persuasive, but they take many forms and no sexual fantasy is wrong or right, or better than other, no matter how deep, how dark or how embarrassing they may seem. The only problem comes if you want to experience your fantasy for real, but you can't find anyone who is on the same wavelength as you, or you can't even envisage sharing your most intimate but most alluring fantasy with anyone else at all.

How can you have a 'healthy and reciprocal' threesome?

If you're involving your partner, then you definitely need to be on the 'same page' with your sexual desires and attitude to sexual experimentation. Quite often, by dipping your toes into sex with other people it can lead to a new-found appetite for sexual encounters with new partners, even to the point of leaving one partner out completely.

Furthermore, there's always a third person involved in the action, whose feelings are often totally forgotten or ignored. While on the one hand the sexual experience itself may leave that person on a sexual high, especially if they're been the subject of intense sexual attention, they are also the person who is left alone after the fun is over. There's also the chance that they'll be blamed for anything that went wrong during the experience, or even existing problems within the relationship that were established long before they became involved in the threesome dynamic. While threesomes can be an extremely exciting and alluring fantasy, they do test the limits of any relationship, no matter how strong, and it's exceedingly rare that any relationship is improved by a three-way experience.

Try a duo-escorts experience

If you're really set on experiencing a threesome, either with or without a current partner, one way to have a risk-free encounter is to take advantage of bi-duo escort services or couples' escort services. The escorts who offer these type of extra-curricular activities are usually experienced in dealing with the fragile dynamic involved if you choose to involve your partner. If you opt for a duo-escort experience, the escorts will know exactly what to do to ensure that you experience your fantasy as you envisaged. However, it is true to say that some men will find it a little off-putting to pay for their fantasy to become reality rather than for it to happen organically, and that's always something to bear in mind. What's more, as we said earlier, even the best laid plans or well-thought out fantasies can turn into something that you were not expecting at all.