Thursday 24th March 2016

As our capital city, London is home to politicians, celebrities, royals and the elite echelons of society, so it's hardly surprising that they're often embroiled in sex scandals that both shock and titillate the general public. From MPs to singers, soap stars to royalty, there's always a new story hitting the headlines. Here's a juicy selection of the most salacious scandals that have rocked and shocked London in recent years.

Thursday 03rd March 2016

Mention London and all kinds of things and places spring to mind. Whether you're planning to take a trip around some of the historic sites, such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, whether you're visiting the city to go shopping in some of the best shops in the world, or you simply want to take in the capital's atmosphere, there's always plenty to see and do in London.

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Last month, we looked at how the fantasy of being a call girl actually compared to the reality of life as one of London's escorts.We talked about what the 'average' escort looked like, whether they used their real names, whether they ever admit their real age, how many clients they meet during an average day, what the typical client is like and more. If you'd like to know exactly what they said, then you'll have to read last month's article.

Sunday 26th July 2015

Growing up in a tiny village in Lithuania, I never for one moment thought that I'd move to England and spend my time in the upmarket restaurants, bars and clubs of London. However, I never thought I'd become one of the most requested escorts in Maida Vale either. Although to be truthful, I had no idea back then what an escort was, and neither had I heard of Maida Vale. How different life is now.

Thursday 14th November 2013

 I've been providing escort services in London for a few years now, both alone and with one of the other London agencies escorts.  Like the majority of London escorts, most appointments see me meeting my clients alone, but occasionally a client may request a meeting with two escort girls.  Perhaps he's in the city on business with a colleague and they're seeking female companions to make their evening more enjoyable.  Perhaps he's  just looking to experience the pleasure of being in the company of duo escorts. 

Saturday 09th November 2013

Many London escort agencies choose to promote high class or 'elite' escorts to their clients suggesting that they will get a better service if they book these high class companions rather than their 'normal' escorts.  But is this just a marketing ploy?  Are high class escorts really worth the extra money charged compared to standard escort services?  

Friday 29th March 2013

Do different nationalities prefer different types of porn? And what do your porn preferences say about you?  Do Italians get off differently than the British?  Does someone from America have different tastes to the Germans?  Well apparently the search engine Porn MD has the answers - and it seems that based on 'search words' different nationalities do indeed have different tastes. "Mature" and "granny" are the top two search terms for Finland, whilst the Lebanese search for something dubiously entitled "sleeping porn" (the mind boggles - although I'm sure all of you will admit to having had sex in your sleep!)

We don't have any 'grannies' amongst our lovely Diva girls although you may want to check out some of our more mature escorts.

Wednesday 27th March 2013

When you fancy a glass of wine or two, wouldn't you just love to have it served up like this?  Lara Stone, the Dutch topless model and wife of comedian David Walliams, was photographed in just a tiny pinny as she tried to balance two large glasses of red wine on a tray.  Shot by Tyrone Lebon for the Spring issue of i-D magazine, the wine glasses only just cover Lara's considerable assets. We can see why Walliams always has a smile on his face.

Which of our lovely Diva girls would you like to see serving your wine?

Tuesday 26th March 2013

There's certainly no love lost between glamour girl turned body builder Jodie Marsh and Katie Price.   Jodie has let her feelings be known about the former topless model, by branding Katie, also known as Jordan 'a really bad role model'. Jodie's anger was fuelled by Katie calling Kelly Brook a 'heifer' a few weeks ago, and although Katie's apparently apologised for her comment, Marsh has become embroiled herself, saying that 'someone needs to shut Katie up or at least gag her'.   I guess we all know a few people we'd like to gag!

Which of our lovely Diva girls would you love to gag and have at your mercy?

Thursday 21st March 2013

Former Wonderbra Model Eva Herzigova proved that she's still got all the necessary attributes to get heart's racing when she stripped naked for a swim.  In an advert for footwear company Brian Atwood, Eva drops her sheer robe before entering the pool.  This gives us just enough time to catch a glimpse of her perfect rear, not to mention her famous ample boobs.    The 39 year old model became a household name when she shot to fame with her 'Hello Boys' Wonderbra campaign and her latest shoots show that she'd not ready to say goodbye to her modelling career just yet.

Tuesday 19th March 2013

If you've ever wondered what happens to porn stars after they retire, then wonder no more.   'After Porn Ends' released in May 2012 examines this very question.  Interviews with over a dozen adult entertainment stars give a dark and gritty insight into the industry and reveal that most former stars choose to disassociate themselves from their porn careers.  According to Director Bruce Wagoner most stars really do move on and redefine themselves once they leave.   Now available to view on Netflix Instant - check it out and see interviews from porn legends such as Nina Hartley, Randy West and Amber Lynn.

Monday 18th March 2013

Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone has peeled off her designer clothes to become the latest Playboy cover star.  Following in the footsteps of divas such as Marilyn Monroe and Drew Barrymore, the 28 year old is pictured showing off her trim figure in a black satin lingerie ensemble.  According to one source, Tamara is 'super-proud of her body and is happy to celebrate her curves'.   Whilst she may have opted for a cheeky 50's style shoot, there's definitely nothing old fashioned about this luscious lady and we'll certainly be looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics.

Friday 15th March 2013

Sexy supermodel Doutzen Kroes treated her Twitter fans to a glimpse of her nipples as she relaxed in between shoots on the sun kissed isle of St. Barts.  Posing in skimpy bras and knickers for Victoria's Secret lingerie seems to come naturally to this catwalk beauty, but she showed that covering up can be just as sexy.  Her tweeted pics showed her dressed in hotpants with the thinnest of grey vests leaving her perky nipples as the focal point of the pose!

Thursday 14th March 2013

Daughter of the legendary rocker Mick and model Jerry Hall, 21 year old Georgia Jagger is hell bent on creating her own wild child image.  Her latest antics see her writhing semi naked on a bed with Marlon Teixera in a promotion for Just Cavalli perfume. Dressed in just a pair of python skin trousers and baring her breasts, Georgia has her mother's model girl looks combined with her father's attitude and sensuous mouth.  Can't you just imagine those lips and those teeth around a very private part of your anatomy?

Wednesday 13th March 2013

Whilst we may have been donning our winter woollies and shivering in the snow it seems as though some other nations are not so inhibited by a bit of cold weather.  At the end of February Altenberg in Germany attracted thousands of spectators for its annual naked snow sledding competition when topless female competitors clad in just panties braved the freezing conditions to hit the slopes.  Sponsored by a local radio station it's always proved very popular with the participants and audiences alike.  We can see a couple of good reasons why!

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Beyonce has surprised us yet again appearing in her latest shoot with platinum blonde locks.  The 31 year old singer, who is more famous for her curvaceous body than her hair, looked hot to trot in a tight white sweater which showed off her more than ample boobs and her toned legs were topped with the tiniest pair of hot pants imaginable. We think her new poster girl image is hot, hot, hot and we're just loving the blonde hair combined with those luscious red lips.  Totally smoking!

Monday 11th March 2013

Brothel owner Dennis Hof has come up with a unique way to get America's economy back on track.  Owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where prostitution is legal, Hof promises to double the amount of any government issued tax refund checks used to pay for brothel services, replacing them with 'bunny bucks' which can then be redeemed at his Ranch.  He reckons that it's a win, win situation as it both stimulates the economy and stimulates the guys who are taking advantage of his scheme.  Due to our laws on prostitution the idea won't work for our economy, but the story certainly brought a smile to my face.

Friday 08th March 2013

There can't be many people who haven't heard of 50 Shades, the racy trilogy which took the world by storm last summer and gave us a peep into the kinky world of BDSM.  But just when you think the furore is over, plans to put the story on the big screen are in the offing.  At the recent Oscars party, author E.L. James hinted that she already had certain stars in mind for the key roles although she remained tight lipped about who they might be.  Other sources have speculated that the lovely Kristen Stewart may be the choice for Ana, particularly as she starred in the trilogy which inspired Ms James to write 50 Shades.  I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

Thursday 07th March 2013

With all the new technology available nowadays it's hardly surprising that couples (and singles) are choosing to film their sexy escapades or photograph parts that should really be kept private. But what happens when your private collection becomes public? Well the latest person to find out is the newly crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA. Melissa King has submitted her resignation following claims that sex tapes featuring a woman who looks and sounds like her appeared on a porn website. Melissa furiously denies the allegation, but as the old saying goes 'There's no smoke without fire'.

Wednesday 06th March 2013

Bibi Jones is back on course and once more gracing our screens with her own particular brand of porn shoots.  Interviewed recently she explained why she'd decided to have a break and also let us into a few of her secrets for great sex.  When asked about the one sex tip that every guy needs to know, she said that the most important thing is to communicate and listen to your partner.  And when she says 'listen' she means just that, saying that if your partner's quiet she's probably not enjoying it.  Whoever said that 'Silence is Golden' obviously wasn't referring to sex!

Tuesday 05th March 2013

Girls Aloud are certainly enjoying their tour to celebrate ten years in the business. The girls are all grown up now and certainly their moves are sexier and more raunchy than ever, with the ever popular Cheryl Cole giving us a show of erotic contortions.   Wearing just a tiny sequinned corset the scantily clad 29 year old was seen bumping and grinding as she got down and dirty with one of the band's dancers. The Geordie songstress shimmied and shook her way through a series of outfit changes, each one just as spectacular as the last, proving that she's still got what it takes to get men hot under the collar. 

Monday 04th March 2013

It seems that celebrities are just unable to keep their nipples under cover lately. Atomic Kitten's Kerry Katona is the latest star to suffer from the dreaded 'nipple slip'. Katona was performing as part of 'The Big Reunion Concert' in front of a packed crowd at the Hammersmith Apollo when her nipple popped out of her neon bright top. Hardly surprisingly really as her top could barely contain her ample cleavage. Well Kerry always loved the spotlight and she certainly took centre stage with this little slip up!

Friday 01st March 2013

It may not be most people's idea of an activity mother and daughter can do together, but in Tampa, Florida a 22 year old and her 56 year old mom have taken family relationships to an extreme by creating their own pornography site and shooting sex scenes together.   Known as 'The Sexxxtons', mom Jessica and her daughter Monica are rapidly becoming experts in kinky choreography although so far they have drawn the line at any sexual interaction between the two of them. 

Thursday 28th February 2013

One of the world's most famous porn stars may have announced her retirement last year but just six months later she's back with a bang!  At just 20 years old Bibi Jones was one of the biggest attractions of the porn industry and so fans were understandably shocked when she decided to bow out of the limelight, but it seems that she just needed a break.  However the sexy star missed the excitement of the lifestyle and started to realise that a career in porn has a limited time span. We think bubbly blonde Bibi is not quite ready for a life on the shelf just yet and we're very glad that she's decided to make a return.

Wednesday 27th February 2013

Who could forget the lovely Reece Witherspoon in the Legally Blonde films?  She certainly proved that blondes can be both beautiful and smart and her appearance at this year's Oscars was no exception.  Her choice of a cobalt blue Louis Vuitton dress assured that her entrance on the red carpet wowed both her fans and the media.  Oozing style in the figure hugging dress and with her trademark blonde hair left loose and wavy, Reece showed us what real Hollywood glamour is all about.

Tuesday 26th February 2013

Halle Berry may no longer have youth on her side, but she certainly still manages to ooze sex appeal.  Her choice of a custom made metallic Versace gown was inspired and showed that Ms Berry still has what it takes to make sure that all eyes are very firmly on her.  Her form fitting striped dress highlighted her incredible figure and made sure that she was a Red Carpet success.  Sporting a funky upswept hair do, Halle shows the younger girls just how to keep their sex appeal no matter what their age. 

Monday 25th February 2013

The Oscars are always a glittering affair and the 2013 Academy Awards proved to be just as glamorous as previous years with a multitude of celebrities showing off their assets on the red carpet.  This event is always eagerly awaited, not only to find out the winners, but also to ogle at the stars and their dresses.  Certainly this year didn't disappoint - actress Anne Hathaway may have won the Oscar for best supporting actress but it seemed she needed a little extra support herself.  Whilst her Prada dress was simple and elegant, her decision not to wear a bra was evident in the twin peaks making an appearance beneath the shimmering satin of her gown. 

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Big Brother winner Josie Gibson has recently undergone a transformation as she dropped a massive 6 stones in the same amount of months.  Going from 16st 7lbs to 10st 2lbs, the blonde has since admitted that she feels that there are areas of her body that need more work and she still feels 'big'.  Despite such a great achievement she's still being attacked on Twitter, with tweets saying that she's now 'too thin', 'looks ill' and 'looks a bit like an alien'.  Well we think her new size 10 figure looks great!

Tuesday 19th February 2013

Ex Corrie babe and I'm a Celebrity contestant Helen Flanagan has decided to check out the theory and find out whether blondes have more fun.  She was spotted earlier this week with a new peroxide blonde hairstyle as she arrived at Manchester's Neighbourhood Restaurant on the arm of her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair.  Prior to reaching for the bleach she'd been sporting cropped darker hair but now she's swapped her brunette tresses for something more akin to the Marilyn tattoo on her arm.   We think she looks great - how about you?

Monday 18th February 2013

Kim Kardashian is well known for her ultra curvy figure, especially now as the reality star's pregnancy starts to affect her boobs - in fact she's looking better than ever.  Never a shrinking violet, Kim is choosing to show off her newly inflated boobs in plunging necklines and figure hugging workout clothes. Snapped on her way to the gym, the star looked positively boobylicious. It's rumoured that she's gone up at least four cup sizes already and she's still got months to go.

Sunday 17th February 2013

She's been voted 'Rear of the Year' and has a figure that most women would love.  TV host Carol Vorderman appears to be one of those women that just seem to get better with age.  Currently dating a former Red Arrow and RAF pilot, Carol attributes her enviable figure to a healthy diet and a healthy dose of sex.  When questioned about her secret to staying so young looking, the 52 year old giggled, "I'm not allowed to say because I will get into trouble but it's a three-letter word and it starts with S."

Friday 15th February 2013

Our own home grown Kelly Brook is definitely no stranger to donning her lingerie for photo shoots, but her latest pictures reveal perhaps the sexiest looking Kelly yet.  With a dark tan, silky sleek hair and a secret smile she modelled her Valentine's Day range of underwear for New Look. Her stunning shots not only attracted many admiring glances and hundreds of compliments, but also the jealousy of a certain model, who cattily said that Ms Brook looked like 'a heifer'.  Hmmm we think someone's more than a little jealous of Kelly's natural assets!

Thursday 14th February 2013

Whilst we've all been shivering in the cold here in the UK, Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone has been hitting the beach in Dubai.  The 28 year old socialite had no need to worry about the cold as she soaked up the sunshine in a crystal covered aqua bikini with only tiny string ties to hold it together.  Tamara showed off her trim legs and toned stomach as she got down to the serious business of acquiring her sun tan on the pristine white beaches.  She was also seen out for a stroll with close friend Scott Harvey-Nicholls.

Wednesday 13th February 2013

Andrea Riseborough hit the BAFTA red carpet in dazzling daffodil yellow at the weekend.  Grey skies, rain and even the occasional snowflake certainly didn't stop lovely Andrea from attracting all kinds of attention and she was certainly a welcome ray of sunshine.  Her dress made the most of her figure, ensuring that all eyes were on her.  We're not really surprised as it hardly covered her heaving bosom giving us a welcome glimpse of her creamy breasts.  An added bonus for the breast men amongst the audience!

Tuesday 12th February 2013

It seems Miley Cyrus struggled to keep her boobs in her dress at the pre-Grammy's Gala in Los Angeles last week.  Her black halterneck dress was unable to contain her pert breasts which refused to stay covered and spilled out from the side of the bib fronted dress whenever she moved.  Onlookers were even treated to a flash of her skin coloured nipple covers.   American TV network CBS sent an email to all guests warning them not to reveal nipples, buttock cracks and genital areas and also indicating that 'bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic'.  Seems some celebrities just don't listen.

Monday 11th February 2013

Red nose day will be upon us again before we know it and already celebrities are out in force doing their little bit for charity.  Several stars showed us their not so little bits when they stripped off Calendar Girls style to promote a range of Red Nose Day clothing by Emma Bridgewater.   Countdown cutie Rachel Riley, former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, actress Cherie Lunghi, Nancy Dell'Olio and members of Atomic Kitten posed for Comic Relief wearing nothing but a pinny.  Wouldn't you like to find girls like these in your kitchen?

Tuesday 05th February 2013

Pop songstress Rihanna is always in the news.  It seems as though the dusky beauty's relationship is back on with singer Chris Brown as the pair have been seen all loved up lately, but Rihanna has also been posting some very suggestive photos of herself on Instagram.  The photos feature her flaunting her incredibly toned body in a revealing swimsuit together with photos to suggest that she's just taken part in an erotic topless photo shoot.  She may be keeping her assets firmly 'undercover' for now but wouldn't you just love to see what went on during that photo session?

Friday 01st February 2013

Anthea Turner may be 52, but she continues to defy her age, appearing at the National TV Awards in this skintight gold lame dress which showed that her body is as good as that of women half her age.  Currently starring in Dancing on Ice, we're sure that Ms Turner must take plenty of exercise to keep that body in shape, and we can see that all this ice skating is definitely paying dividends.  She may be mature, but with her slim, toned legs and perfectly flat stomach, not to mention her flexibility, this is one older lady we'd certainly like to take for a whirl.

Thursday 31st January 2013

Holly Willoughby may attract attention for a couple of obvious reasons, but when Holly hit the red carpet with friend and fellow presenter Christine Bleakley, I'm sure it was a twosome which set many men's hearts racing with the thought of the two girls together behind closed doors. Girlfriend of Frank Lampard, brunette Bleakley wore a simple but alluring red dress with lace panels and made a stunning contrast to the blonde, black clad Willoughby.  When you just can't decide whether you would like a blonde or a brunette, why compromise?  Have both!

Wednesday 30th January 2013

Holly Willougby just can't seem to put a foot wrong lately.  Co-star of the popular daytime show, This Morning, Holly picked up a National TV Award, looking totally amazing in a figure hugging black dress which highlighted her ample assets to perfection.  Renamed Holly Willoughbooby by the crazy Keith Lemmon, Holly also graces our screens as Team Captain on the wacky Celebrity Juice, where her busty figure is often source for comment from the host Lemmon. But we can't blame him; her beautiful breasts are most definitely the centre of attention.

Tuesday 29th January 2013

Sheridan Smith is probably best known as playing James Corden's younger sister in the popular smash hit comedy, Gavin and Stacey, but she's certainly no kid sister now.  Sheridan's all grown up and looked amazing at the National TV Awards earlier this week.   Nominated for Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Mrs Biggs, wife of the Great Train robber, Ronnie Biggs, she unfortunately missed out on the award, but she gets our thumbs up for her super stylish outfit.

Monday 28th January 2013

Strictly Come Dancing presenter looked absolutely fabulous as she picked up the award for the 'Best Talent' show on behalf of the Strictly Team, beating their close rival 'The X Factor'.  We certainly think that Tess has the 'WOW' factor and her red lace dress sure did show off her heavenly curves and lustrous blonde hair.  She may be a mother, but this is certainly one MILF that is guaranteed to attract attention every time she appears on our screens.

Friday 25th January 2013

Those sexy Girls Aloud may have wowed us on the stage during their 10th Anniversary reunion just a few months ago, but it appears that the days of seeing them all together singing the songs that made them famous are numbered.  Hot on the heels of their greatest hits album, they've just revealed their plans to split for good.  However it's possibly not the last we'll see of the girls, rumour has it that they're going to announce a few more concert dates so that their fans can see them one more time before they split.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Samia Ghadie literally sizzles when it comes to Dancing on Ice. The sexy Corrie star has been wowing fans and judges alike with her hot routines and sultry smiles, but it seems that Samia had more reasons to smile than just her skating performance. Samia and her skating partner Sylvain have been seen together off the ice too. Judge Robin Cousins may have described her as a little Minx after this week's performance, and we can certainly see why!