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Monday 29th May 2017

London is a big place. A vast, sprawling city of hustle and bustle, nightlife and all manner of social activity. It’s the third busiest city in Europe (and the sixth busiest city in the world!). Hundreds of thousands of residents are running around without barely a minute to spare, travelling to work, meeting friends and family, shopping - and ultimately - trying to meet women.

Wednesday 27th January 2016

We're sure that our reviews of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl have whetted your appetite and you'd like to know more about the kind of fantasies that men want to live out when they meet with our London escorts. In the TV series, the fantasies that viewers found most arousing and intriguing were 'the threesome' and the orgy. This is hardly surprising, as in most polls of top fantasies, threesomes always rate in the top ten, if not the top three, and quite often gain that coveted first place as the most popular fantasy of all.

Sunday 24th January 2016

Have you ever wondered what makes escorts tick? What they think about as they're getting ready to meet their dates? How they got into the escorting business in the first place? What are their favourite sexual games? Do they tell the truth when it comes to details such as age? What do they tell their friends and family about their profession? Do most admit the truth or do they tell them that they work somewhere else?


Sunday 04th October 2015

Many of our London escorts don't see escorting as a job, but rather as a lifestyle. They love to live life in the fast lane and love the glamour that being a high class London escort can often bring. However, others prefer to just fit in some escorting around their current responsibilities, whether that's making time to meet clients when they're not studying or making escorting fit into their life as an employee or as a stay at home mum. In this part of our series of escorts' first day at work, we're going to hear from some escorts who never really expected to join the profession at all. 

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

No doubt you're beginning to realise that the experiences that our escorts have on their first day in the job are as different as our escorts themselves. Some have a very gentle or positive introduction into escorting in London, while others find that entering the world of escorting can be stressful, disappointing and sometimes even quite frightening. Of course, all our escorts here at Diva are fully committed to providing the very best escort services that they can, and they are all fully committed to ensuring that you have a pleasurable time in their company. However, for some escorts things just didn't work out as they envisaged on their first day 'on the job'. 

Wednesday 18th June 2014

You're in London, you've booked one of our gorgeous London escorts and you're looking to treat her to an evening or day in London that she'll never forget. Just imagine for one moment that money was no object and take a look at some of the delights London has in store for those with a bottomless wallet.  

Thursday 22nd May 2014

At first glance it might appear that a football match is not the kind of place to take your escort companion. However, many of our London escorts love the atmosphere generated by the fans of some of the top London football clubs and it can be a great experience for both you and your date. As the vast majority of escorts working with escort agencies in London are either British or European, they've grown up surrounded by football and many love nothing better than cheering on their favourite teams. 

Wednesday 14th May 2014

While most clients wouldn't choose to take a present for an escort, especially not on a first meeting, if you're a regular client, then sometimes it may be appropriate, not to mention a very nice gesture, to give your escort a gift. So if you're thinking it's about time you bought a gift for your escort companion, here's a rundown of some of the presents London escorts love to receive and some which they'd rather you didn't buy!

Tuesday 13th May 2014

Having access to the internet has made booking outcall escorts in London easier than ever. Now all you have to do is simply browse the online escort galleries until you find the escort you'd like to spend time with and then make your booking. Sounds too good to be true?  While booking London outcall escorts has been made much easier and more discreet by the emergence of online agencies, can you be sure that you're going to get the escort you've seen picture on the page? And can you be sure that you're going to get the service you desire?  

Monday 06th January 2014

Like most escorts in London, I have regular clients.  These are men (and women) who want to see me on a regular basis.  Some arrange to see my weekly, others monthly and I have a couple of clients who don't live in London, but who book me whenever they're in town.   While most escorts do like to see a variety of clients, it's always good to have a group of regulars.  Having regular clients means that you can start to build relationships, you know what they do and don't like and you pretty much know what to expect each time you meet. 

Friday 03rd January 2014

If you've ever wondered how our gorgeous London escorts get ready for their dates, then wonder no more. We've got the lowdown on all the preparations that go on prior to them setting foot outside the door.

Thursday 07th November 2013

Mentre non ci sono delle regole rigide e salde rispetto all'interazione con le Agenzie Londinesi di Escort, e in ogni caso saggio essere preparati e consapevoli per evitare in ogni caso potenziali situazioni imbarazzanti. Il ruolo di escort, per sua natura, e una professione che si basa sul fatto di poter creare un'atmosfera rilassata e confortevole sotto ogni aspetto, ma e sempre conoscere alcuni consigli su come gestire al meglio alcune situazioni che possono nascere quando si entra in contatto con le nostre Accompagnatrici professionali a Londra. Date uno sguardo alla nostra guida per alcuni consigli utili. 

Thursday 24th October 2013

Spending time in London can be an exciting experience, especially if you get the chance to sample its fantastic array of attractions, restaurants, bars, theatres and clubs.  However if you find yourself on your own in London, the city can be a very lonely place. We all love to share our experiences with someone, it makes the whole thing richer and more meaningful; it adds colour and dimension. If you're in the city and feel the need for a female companion, here's where a London escort agency can help.   With one of the best selections of escorts in West London, our agency provides a discreet companionship service so you never need to be lonely in London again.

Friday 18th October 2013

It’s often said that brunettes are smarter than blondes, but here at Diva Escorts, we believe that it depends on the person themselves rather than the hair colour.

Research has shown that dark haired women are generally perceived to be more intelligent than blondes. The reasons for this are unknown although it’s assumed that it’s down to one simple fact – that blonde is the most popular colour for women to dye their hair which means that these women are seen as being more focused on their appearance than brunettes.

Tuesday 15th October 2013

With so many escort agencies advertising their services online, finding the perfect blonde escort girl can be a time consuming affair.  There are websites galore offering all kinds of escort services and a plethora of gorgeous girls who are waiting to attend to your every need.  So when you’re looking to spend some time with an interesting and engaging companion, how can you ensure that you choose the right escort for you?  

Friday 22nd March 2013

TV Presenter Melanie Sykes has proved she's a sucker for the sweet stuff by posting a photo of herself covered from head to toe in chocolate.  The photograph, taken as part of the weight loss company Shape Smart's campaign to encourage women to revel their diet secrets, was shared on Twitter with the caption 'Oops! Death by chocolate!'  and Melanie confessing to breaking her diet by tucking into a bar of Lindt chocolate orange.   We can't see anything wrong in a bit of chocolate now and then, especially when it looks as good as this.

Wednesday 20th March 2013

Curvaceous rapper Nicki Minaj has chosen to bare her boobs for her latest music video.  Despite being dressed in tighter than tight leopard print leggings, red platform heels and a gold bomber jacket the main things grabbing viewers' attention were the gold stars plastered over her nipples. The 30 year old gyrated and writhed her way through her raunchy shoot in her most risqué look to date.  Well the girl does have considerable assets - no wonder she's chosen to flaunt them - and we're definitely not complaining!

Monday 21st January 2013

Last week saw celebrities galore attending the glamorous Golden Globe Awards. The red carpet was awash with sexy girls and sensuous women. One such delicious diva was daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson. Wearing a figure flattering black fish tailed dress trimmed in gold, the blonde haired beauty looked truly stunning and more than worthy of her place on the red carpet. That girl really knows how to rock a dress to show off her curves.

Wednesday 16th January 2013

TOWIE star turned Dancing on Ice star Lauren Goodger has denied receiving warnings for turning up late for training.  It seems that the party loving Lauren doesn't want to give up her drinking and late nights and buckle down to some serious physical work.  One thing's for sure, she won't get far in the competition if she doesn't change her attitude, but on the plus side, she does look good in those skimpy costumes that show off her ample figure.

Tuesday 15th January 2013

Kathryn Jenkins turned up at the launch of Cirque de Soleil's new show Kooza at London's Albert Hall looking as immaculate as ever.  The Welsh born star looked absolutely stunning in a tight fitted black dress complete with matching black ankle boots.   Whilst her former fiancé Gethin Jones also attended the launch with his new love interest, all attention was most firmly on the songstress as she joined other stars of screen and stage for a fun filled evening.

How would you like a Diva to share a fun filled evening with you?

Sunday 13th January 2013

'Made in Chelsea' star, Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead is in the news for retweeting a naughty pic of her together with friends cum co-stars,   Louise Thompson and Millie Mackintosh.  The saucy 22 year olds are virtually naked in the photo, in varying stages of undress and sexy lingerie.  With Binky sporting a pink silky bra and Millie wearing an almost see-through leotard, not surprisingly the tweet has attracted lots of attention from the men, which is probably just what Binky was looking for.