Saturday 15th August 2015

Following on from our last post about how escorts fared on their first day on the job, here's another selection of first time experiences, which perhaps didn't go so well. While most meetings do tend to go as planned and are very pleasurable experiences, there are occasions when circumstances, or just a total mismatch of chemistry, can affect proceedings. Here's what some of our escorts in London had to say!

Friday 14th August 2015

Many of us find the world of escorting fascinating, and we're sure that you're no exception. We all want to know the ins and outs (pun intended) of how their first experiences went, how they got into the job, what they think of their clients, and more. So for your enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment, 20 of our finest London escorts have shared their first experience of escorting, especially for you. Here's the first instalment of a 5 part series; we hope you enjoy reading all about them.

Sunday 02nd February 2014

When you're looking for the best escorts in London it pays to use a good escort agency.   Here at Diva Escorts we use all our expertise to provide top class escort services in London and this means that we will always endeavour to bring you a selection of London escorts which is second to none.  As one of the premier escort agencies in London we attract the most beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful escorts who are more than eager to provide the very best service possible.    We promote escorts of different nationalities, different colourings, different body shapes and different sizes so no matter what your tastes and preferences, we're sure you'll be able to find the perfect woman for you.  

Saturday 04th January 2014

If you've ever booked the services of one of our beautiful London escorts you'll know that the vast majority of them exude a confidence that comes from their experience of dealing with many different clients.  Escorts often have to be a kind of 'chameleon', depending on what their clients wants from them.  A discreet and attentive dinner date.  A sexy and fun loving partner for a party.  A self-assured and imaginative intimate play partner.  Escorts are expected to play all kinds of roles and we aren't talking role play here, although that does come into it too - we're talking about the different attitudes that are necessary to give their clients the best possible time in their company.