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4.5 out of 5

Based on 4 reviews

Incall 90 minutes, seen on 15th June, 2023 by pete

Very attractive, fit and healthy. Good energy, welcoming and fun to be with. Had a great time, she's definitely worth seeing.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 22nd June, 2022 by Geoff

Lovely girl with super tight slim body and pretty face, much better than photos. She has new boobs so you can only touch them gently but perfectly obliging otherwise. Definitely worth the visit.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 17th January, 2021 by Dragon
Pupi looked amazing, she has an angelic face and so much better than her pictures! Very good service too and accommodated my requests fully. I will return to see her soon.
Incall 1 hour, seen on 10th January, 2021 by Naveen

Does not look the pictures and kinda stale nothing great


Pupi blonde escort girl. Regent's Park, London located

Pupi is the classic gorgeous blonde that every man fantasises about. Every guy has envisioned a night with a sultry golden fox, perhaps one with a slender figure, enhanced breasts and piercing good looks that makes hearts come alive. If this sounds familiar, the gorgeous Pupi is here to make those wildest fantasies very much real. Only in her early twenties but already an experienced professional, Pupi is as talented as she is beautiful. She’s been on the escorting scene since 2021 and she gets better year on year, so feel free to check out her reviews to see what other lucky punters have said about this divine being. Pupi is an incall-only girl, but a night at her place is only a few clicks away.