High Street Kensington

5.0 / 5

Based on 4 reviews

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5.0 out of 5

Based on 4 reviews

Incall 1 hour, seen on 22nd November, 2023 by Ozzy

She is much beautiful than the photos. Had a very nice smile and kindly welcome. Highly recommended.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 19th November, 2023 by J

She is absolutely beautiful much better than photo and very friendly. Tall, fit, nice skin and fan. I had fantastic time with her. Highly recommended.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 16th November, 2023 by Mark

Riffera is one very sexy Brazilian. Beautiful with very fit body. Limited English but still lovely to spend time with. Very hot and fun 1 hour. Highly recommended.

Outcall 1 hour, seen on 15th October, 2023 by Passing through

No reviews because she has just arrived in London . I too am hesitant to leave a review because I really want to keep her all to myself. She is and was a 10 out of 5. She barely speaks English so be patient, but if you are she will blow you away. Be gentle and good to her . So cute, exactly like her pics but cuter and sexier in the flesh when she smiles that Brazilian cheeky smile. A’ perfeito’ petite sexy body, beautiful face made the experience sexy and hot and using an iPhone translator, the experience was also just super cute and endearing. I literally couldn’t spend more than an hour with this woman without falling for her.

London W8, UK
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Riffera brunette young escort girl. High Street Kensington, London located

One review for Riffera said that it was impossible to spend more than an hour with her without falling in love. As you can see from Riffera’s pictures, that’s definitely true. They really broke the mould when they made this ravishing brunette, because she’s the absolute pinnacle of sexiness. Young, perfectly formed and dressed like a million dollars, it's no exaggeration to say Riffera carries the allure of an Instagram model, effortlessly blending the aspirational beauty seen in digital feeds with the tangible, breathtaking presence in reality. With her impeccably toned physique, enhanced breasts and radiant sex appeal, Riffera transcends sexiness and becomes an otherworldly experience. With charisma, fashion sense and an addicting personality, Riffera is an escort of unforgettable qualities.