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Cash, Bank transfer, Digital bank (Revolut, Monzo, Monese)

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* Saldago is available From 12 pm to 1am

5.0 out of 5

Based on 3 reviews

Outcall 1 hour, seen on 18th September, 2023 by Ed

Simply lovely, super gfe. Very sensual. Loved it. Also she looks better than her pictures!

Incall 1 hour, seen on 11th September, 2023 by D

Very nice girl, she’s a real sweetheart. Looks exactly like the pictures. Takes good care of herself and puts in a lot of effort. If you’re thinking of seeing her, don’t be put off by the fact that she’s new!

D x

Incall 1 hour, seen on 2nd September, 2023 by JK

Saldago is a gorgeous, cute girl. I had amazing time with her although she was a little bit shy. I will definitely return for this rare gem.

Emperor's Gate, Kensington, London SW7 4HH, UK
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Saldago brunette young escort girl with natural breast. Gloucester Road, London located

Saldago is the very definition of Eastern European allure combined with London sophistication. A sensual brunette in her early twenties, Saldago gracefully blends the mysterious charm of Romania with the cosmopolitan essence of London. Every gaze into her deep, soulful eyes promises an adventure of intimacy and passion. Standing with a slender size 6 frame, Saldago carries an air of elegance, yet beneath her refined exterior lies a wild spirit, yearning for genuine connections and shared moments of ecstasy. With Saldago, you won’t just taste the fervor of Eastern Europe, but you’ll experience a journey that tantalizes the senses and leaves sexy, lasting memories. With this Romanian escort, prepare for passion, sensuality and unmatched bedroom talents.

* Saldago is available From 12 pm to 1am