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4.5 out of 5

Based on 54 reviews

Incall 1 hour, seen on 2nd November, 2019 by Moby

First of all sorry this is so late Kotta! Had a lovely hour with Kotta, wonderfully curvaceous young lady with milky white skin, beautiful grey-green eyes and a lovely full body, just like the photos. Very warm and friendly welcome, great GFE followed by a really good, relaxing massage. Doesn't necessarily like all the items mentioned as on offer (at a first visit at least, e.g reticent to receive rimming), so worth being nice and respectful and talking things over rather than barging in like a bull in a china shop as it were - she is very responsive to being treated nicely. Overall a really lovely time and I highly recommend her. Thank you Kotta, will be back to see you again soon x x x

Incall 30 minutes, seen on 25th October, 2019 by Alex

The location is nice, the flat looks good too. However once I saw her she was not as nice as on the pictures. And she was saying no to what I was asking for, for example kissing her body. Left after 10 minutes. There is much better on the website

Incall 30 minutes, seen on 8th November, 2019 by Mike

Avoid. Read the other reviews and avoid. Second visit to Kotta after quite some time, this girl has changed..... Started with the rules, can touch her breasts, but no touching/kissing of nipples (this wasn't the case on my last visit). I let that slide. She had confirmed DFK prior to booking, but what I got was little pecks at best. Wouldn't even classify as FK. Let that slide as well. On to s*x, she started on top first. I asked to switch position to me from behind with her holding the table - she got into position and then said "no" and moved away. I asked why, she said "I don't want to". After that I lost all interest. She realised something was wrong and asked what I was thinking - I told her she wasn't as friendly as last time - she wasn't happy to hear that and became even more rude. I got dressed and left. Not sure she should still be in the industry, awful attitude no desire to please her clients. I should have listened to the previous reviews. This was also during the daytime at 3pm so there can be no excuse of tiredness - it's just the way she is. Don't waste your money when there is so much better out there.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 21st October, 2019 by Jim

Top top girl, one of Diva's very best. Very good looking in real life with unbelievable figure and performance.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 20th October, 2019 by Tom

She looks great and has a nice body. But she was rude and rushed and complained when I had wishes and requests. She also aborted the session just when I was about to come.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 10th October, 2019 by PaulP

Pretty young girls with huge assets. But that's where it all ended. I always look for a GFE and what's such without kissing? She avoided any sort of kissing, even any attempt to touch her softly. She was distant, cold and didn't try to put me at ease at any time, almost rude. It was not muy best day and this only made it worse. She clearly just wanted me do to my thing and leave. I couldn't in such context. She mentioned she was tired. I read other reviews with this comment about tiredness but hoped to get her on a good day given all the other good reviews... not the case. When asked she said she only performs some services to regulars and reminded me it's always at her discretion. Of course, it is, but from that to doing next to nothing... Next!

Incall 1 hour, seen on 16th October, 2019 by J

Kotta is an absolute sweetheart, speaks flawless English, has an endearing sense of humour and, let's be honest, tits you'd build a church for. We talked over what I was hoping for from the session and she performed every request perfectly, including a wonderfully relaxing massage to start. If you're in the mood for an evening in the company of a gorgeous, charming woman, put her high on the list.

Incall 30 minutes, seen on 29th September, 2019 by Dodd

Kotta was welcoming, stunning looking girl with beautiful natural breasts. I’ll definitely see her agin. Cheers Kotta!

Incall 1 hour, seen on 30th September, 2019 by Ricky

Gorgeous face and a great body, must better than the pics. Slightly curvy all over, which is exactly what I was looking for. The boobs are definitely a double D. Coming to the experience she did exactly as I requested and was super nice and accommodating all through. We even discussed a duo with Flaviana for the next time. A 5+ stars from me and looking forward to the next visit.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 29th August, 2019 by Robert

Kotta is a very friendly and beautiful girl but I am afraid I met her on a wrong day. She showed not much energy and looked tired. The day after I visited her she took the day off which says enough. Although, I can imagine she would be a good punt when energy level is normal.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 29th August, 2019 by Bor
Changed over times to be more convenient for me. Very sweet girl but I got her on a bad day. No owo, very short period on top, let me do all the ‘work’. But again nice, friendly and welcoming. So maybe I got her on a very busy day.
Incall 1 hour, seen on 29th August, 2019 by Charlie
Kotta is as stunning as her photos. Provided clean fluffy towels etc for a quick shower as I was sticky from the humidity outside. She was attentive and did exactly what I wanted. She even recommended a decent place to eat as I'm only visiting London.
Incall 1 hour, seen on 17th August, 2019 by KB

Had another chance to see Kotta finally, and it was quite the reunion. She’s still intense and sensual, entirely focused on you while still providing the light dom I wanted. Wonderful!

Incall 30 minutes, seen on 16th August, 2019 by Moby

My first visit to Kotta, only for 30 minutes, but I had a lovely time. She is really lovely, young with beautiful skin and a very sexy and voloptuous body which deserves far more than half an hour to fully enjoy and get the most of! The action was terrific, though doing 69 I had to be unusually gentle with the tongue as she was extremely sensitive, unsure whether this is a general thing with her or perhaps a sign of a bit of recent overaction.... Nevertheless with a careful and light touch she soon responded beautifully, which continued to climax when I took her in missionary and then doggy positions. Great time, great girl, thank you Kotta, will be back for an hour next time x x

Incall 30 minutes, seen on 7th July, 2019 by Jack

Awesome, she is hot, mad fun, time with her is magical, this the 5 time I have gone back can't get over her stunning body and smile

Incall 1 hour, seen on 25th June, 2019 by P

Had a great time. All services listed were offered. Leaving happy.


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