Escort girls who proved to be bad for customers and agency

Escorts, agencies and suitors have taken great steps to make the escorting industry a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone involved. However, there are some escorts on the scene who continually provide a bad service or take liberties with their position. Every escort listed on this page is not recommended, whether this be for clients or other agencies.

All of these escorts have acted in ways that have resulted in a negative experience for customers, employment agencies or other escorts. The escorts listed below have all previously worked through Diva Escorts but have since been removed from our listings. Some of the reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Not fulfilling previously agreed-upon services or requests from clients on a regular basis
  • Been abusive towards clients, other escorts or agency workers
  • Behaved irresponsibly or negligently during dates or sessions
  • Been under the influence of drugs or alcohol during dates or sessions
  • Lied about significant aspects of their character, including their age
  • Used fake pictures or heavily edited pictures of themselves to advertise
  • Significantly poor personal hygiene or extreme lack of self-care
  • Used scamming tactics to extort additional payment from clients
  • Repeatedly cancelled bookings on short-term notice
  • Generally provided bad service, acted disinterested, or held a negative attitude in the company of clients
  • Received extensive negative reviews from clients, agencies or escorts
  • Conducted criminal offences, such as robbery, extortion or blackmail

Any negative reviews we receive, we will question the escort as to why any bad experiences transpired. A single negative review doesn’t always mean the escort is placed on our not recommended list, however, if we continue to receive complaints about an escort’s service, performance or attitude, then they will be removed from our agency with immediate effect.

Additionally, if you’re an agency and you see any other ladies on our site who have a history of undesirable behaviour, please inform us at your earliest convenience.

For clients, none of the below escorts can be booked through Diva Escorts, however, they may still be available through other London escort agencies. Any not recommended escorts will most likely use a different name with other agencies, however, they usually use the same pictures. If you recognize any, we strongly urge you not only to avoid them, but we also encourage you to report them to the agency owners in question.

It’s very important for agencies like us to help uncover the escorts who negatively impact our industry. If you personally experience any undesirable behaviour, bad attitude or any other activity worthy of complaint from an escort, please inform us at your earliest convenience. In addition to leaving a review, please text us on (+44)7961 03 80 08 or call us on (+44)7796 83 35 83. We take every complaint very seriously.

We appreciate your assistance in making London a safer place for escorts, escort agencies and clients. Our industry thrives on openness and transparency in order to maintain London's reputation as one of the best cities in the world to hire escorts.