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4.8 out of 5

Based on 20 reviews

Incall 1 hour, seen on 12th July, 2019 by David

Have seen Samba several times and each time she has been fantastic. She's drop dead gorgeous, with a hot, natural body and is totally focused on giving you a memorable experience. Intense and passionate, with the most beautiful eyes, she is the real deal. Also her English is good and she is witty and charming. I'll see her again very soon.

Incall 45 minutes, seen on 28th May, 2019 by Russell
Samba was simply incredible, looks very much like her pictures and had curves in all the right places. She was eager to find out what pleased me but all in quite a cheeky way - I love it when the girls have a fun personality! Dressed as requested which was nice and a very keen kisser, another must for me. To be honest I let her down where it matters, she's so good at what she does and I didn't want to peak too early but then it wasn't to be. I'll make sure my next visit with Samba goes much more to plan!
Incall 1 hour, seen on 24th May, 2019 by MH

It had been a few months since I’d seen Samba. I’m a fool! Why did I leave it so long?! She is still absolutely stunning, perfectly sensitive and really very good at everything she does. Her body is smooth to the touch and is beautifully shaped in all the right places. We enjoyed an hour of pure pleasure! Don’t let her drop off the radar guys amongst all the lovely new ladies who keep appearing - she is quality! (And I’m pretty certain that any negative reviews she’s had aren’t down to her!). See you soon Samba xx

Incall 1 hour, seen on 16th May, 2019 by Rod

Top notch service delivered all favourites I asked.. Great OWO 69 GFE.. See you soon xxx

Incall 1 hour, seen on 15th May, 2019 by Ozi

No OFFENCE to any men but most men he reviews these girls are desperate , old or never have confidence meet women and they rate them like the best they had ! Also some divas I rate good for they put accurate services on their bio page and SOME put services which they don’t give so WHY put it !! Samba has e.g DFK ON her bio but when I tried to kiss she wouldn’t buy was only Lip kiss . I asked her which I shouldn’t have to that it says on your Bio , Samba said No you have to ask agency next time if the girl do this service. So my question is why she put it on her bio?‼️ So I said well if you not happy with it , I’ll leave and she obviously said no I don’t have to go she’ll make few bucks . I stayed and DFK WAS not really DFK . So when also I wanted round 2 for s*x she said I’ll give you hand job and I said no . Pictures are good on the divas web of Samba but not so much in real ‼️ For customers , they need to leave right feedback and not over exagurate ‼️

Incall 30 minutes, seen on 18th February, 2019 by Rudy

Excellent service. What a nice sweet lady. Highly recommended.

Incall 45 minutes, seen on 11th February, 2019 by J

Pretty girl but service was not great. She was unenthusiastic throughout and I left early. Expected better from a Top Diva.

Incall 2 hours, seen on 15th August, 2018 by David
Duo booking - Samba and Hettie. They are friends from home and seem very comfortable with each other. The duo booking was my first and I was nervous, but having seen Samba once before (and briefly bumped into Hettie) I felt that the ice had been broken and would allow me to relax in this new situation. The girls were both naked and lying on the bed when I appeared from the shower. They are both open and wonderful kissers. Lying there between the two of them and taking turns to DFK them was a fantasy come true. They were both eager to please. One of my favourite moments was when I was kissing Hettie. In the background I heard Samba - Hhh……….Hmmmm, she muttered. She wanted "a piece of the action". Such a sweet moment. Would I visit them again - definitely. I would however make sure that I was better prepared.
Outcall 90 minutes, seen on 3rd November, 2018 by J.

Just saw Sambia in a duo with Hettie. Everyrhing others have written is true. Sambia just blew me away (literally;-). She is a natural beauty with a wonderfully smooth skin. Her English isn't as good as Hettie's (still ok), but the look in her eyes makes more than up for it. Also a great and eager kisser. Amazing. Thank you!

Incall 1 hour, seen on 17th October, 2018 by MH
A wonderfully relaxing end to a busy day. I’ve said it before but Samba is amazingly beautiful with eyes that draw you deeper every time. Her body is just perfect and she is gentle, relaxed and very, very good in a bad sort of way!! In my eyes, she really is a Top Diva! See you soon xx
Incall 1 hour, seen on 5th October, 2018 by Rajeev

Amazing. She is simply amazing. ❤

Incall 1 hour, seen on 23rd August, 2018 by MH

I’ve told you on a number of occasions how utterly gorgeous Samba is! Today was no exception. I renewed my acquaintance with her for 15 minutes before we were joined by her beautiful friend & flatmate Hettie. Well - a duo was new to me! To have the attention of two stunning ladies was something one could only dream of - but it was certainly real! It all got quite exciting quite quickly (if you know what I mean) so I need to work on that! I said to them I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Amazing time - thank you both xx

Incall 90 minutes, seen on 10th August, 2018 by David

Beautiful girl - very sexy, fantastic figure and very welcoming. I extended to 90 minutes as soon as I saw her. Good English and great sense of humour. What followed was a passionate session with Samba fully involved and seemingly enjoying the action. She is very skilled in all departments - I had an amazing time. This was one of my best experiences with an escort. and I will visit her again very soon. Thank you, Samba, and Diva for the recommendation. xx

Incall 2 hours, seen on 10th August, 2018 by Conrad

Samba is just like her photos. She is very cute/sweet and desperate to please. She has beautiful eyes and mesmerizes you when making eye contact at close quarters. She was dressed very seductively, her appearance was immaculate. Her level of seductiveness (from appearance), skin colour, make up, hair etc were about spot on.

Upon seeing Samba my first impression was that she has the perfect figure for a lady. She doesn't strike you as somebody who needs to go to the gym everyday but rather somebody who has a naturally stunning body. I was extremely happy with the way she looked and the choice I had made. I was led through her flat into her room - walking behind her and the view I had gave me a real sense of excitement and anticipation. Samba is relatively new to escorting and perhaps is less confident than she eventually may become - however this is definitely not a criticism, it all adds to her cuteness.

She is an expert with DFK and doesn’t seem to want to stop – no problem, as this is one of my enjoyments. Everything after just flowed nicely, Samba on top, me behind etc etc. The necessary shower was followed by the lovely relaxing time laying together chatting and with more kissing. She tied her hair back - I always like this look, especially for somebody with such beautiful straight hair – and looked even more beautiful than before.

I had the fortune to meet very briefly her flatmate (Hettie) on the way out. Hettie had been catching a vicious man-eating spider of behalf of Samba, whilst Samba cowered in the corridor. She also seems a lovely lady and would certainly appeal to me – possibly as a duo – if I feel brave enough!

For anybody who believes that DFK and OWO are vital for the experience to seem genuine then go and see Samba, she is a delightful, sweet and gorgeous young lady with an eager to please approach - and is sooo cute.

Incall 1 hour, seen on 5th August, 2018 by djg

There's not many more compliments I can pay to Samba. She's the most wonderful, sexy, deliciously girl you could wish to spend time with. Totally attentive, easy to be with, eager to please and well - just cool. You just have ask and she replies with a "sure", "okay" or a "mmmm yes" all in quiet sexy whisper. After spending an exhausting hour with her flat mate (Hettie) I was dubious that I was capable of much more - but she rapidly brought everything back into full working order. And unlike so many of her colleagues, she seems to enjoy herself as much as you do! What a girl. Top marks (again)!!!

Incall 1 hour, seen on 3rd August, 2018 by MH
I’m not sure what else I can say about Samba that I haven’t said in previous reviews to convey just how utterly amazing & gorgeous she is! She has the most incredible body - smooth, soft, shapely - and those! What she can do with her lips & tongue blows your mind but above all she is just lovely - relaxing and gentle but certainly not passive. She knows exactly what to do and when to do it & enjoys everything. I’m loving spending time with her - I’d say she’s pretty much perfect!

Samba highly recommended petite redhead escort girl with natural breast. Paddington, London located

There’s something about redheads that always gets the heart racing. Samba is one such fiery-haired vixen who is able to combine girl next door appeal with glamour model good looks for a combination few men could resist. This 28 year old Eastern European comes with a wealth of experience to her name, so you can rest assured that Samba is fully equipped in all manner of seduction and illicit activity. As you can see from her pictures, Samba’s hourglass figure is super-tight and toned to perfection, and this merely hints at the capabilities of this fine Diva. She’s a new girl in the Paddington area, so make the most of this divine beauty before she becomes a very busy girl.