London water sport gallery

When we say watersports, we’re not talking about jet skiing or white water rafting. We’re talking about the bedroom kind. The act of watersporting, or golden showers, as they’re often known, is certainly one of the more polarising bedroom acts. Some people think it’s a step too far, while a lot of guys and girls out there absolutely love it. In fact, it recently came to light that watersports were one of Donald Trump’s favourite pastimes.

If, like the president, watersports is something you want to explore, Diva Escorts can connect you with a consenting adult around London to help you live out this watersports fantasy. Not many London escort agencies are able to provide as many watersports escorts as we do, so make the most of our luscious golden lovers while you can.

What Do Watersports Escorts Do?

Quite simply, watersports is the act of urinating or being urinated on. It’s a very common activity which goes hand-in-hand with domination and submissiveness, so it’s quite popular with people in the BDSM community.

Watersports is a very specialised skill. It might sound pretty easy, but only does it require an open mind, it takes talent to pull it off correctly. The kind of escorts who are happy to provide watersports services are the true professionals of the industry, because this is one service which not every escort in London is willing to do.

Watersporting isn’t something you’re going to want to do with just anybody. The chances of meeting a woman in a bar who’s into this kind of activity is minimal, so if you want to indulge it, Diva Escorts offers the easiest and most convenient way to make it happen.

Where To Find A Watersport Escort

Simply head to the watersports gallery on the Diva Escorts website and browse through hundreds of available ladies. If you want to filter down by watersports escorts near you, select your location from the drop-down menu then search by ‘watersports’ on the search box.

When you book watersports escorts, London becomes a different city completely. It takes a very liberal personality and open-mind to offer a watersports service, and while you might not be into watersports yourself, all of our golden shower girls are intelligent and professional. So no matter what your reasons for hiring their company, you can rest assured you’ll have a date night to remember.

Book A Watersports Escort Tonight

For all our watersport escorts, London is their home. Diva Escorts caters to every area of London and has the biggest choice of escorts available. We have feisty young escorts, fresh on the scene, right up to experienced ladies who’ve been in the escort business for years.

You’re paying for our escorts’ time and company, so whatever takes place when you’re together is between two consenting adults. Our watersports escorts are happy to accompany you to an evening out, an evening in or anything in between. Our gorgeous Divas are versatile, accommodating and make the perfect companion no matter what the occasion.

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