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Incall 45 minutes, seen on 5th January, 2024 by LEO

Took a chance on this Brazilian escort based on the amazing photos. Oh boy that was a mistake. My first encounter and will be my last one to see a Brazil woman. The whole experience was so poor. Lets start with the negatives.

1. Real person looks nothing like the photios. Much more heavier and older

2. English very poor. Hard to strike a conversation

3. The s*x was awkward to say the least. She doesn't really know how to please or create any excitement or pleasure a man.

Are there any positive. I cant think of any. Lesson to take from this is stick with the Eastern European or Russian girls. More fun and better speaking english. The search for a beautful Brasilian beauty is a sadly a myrh.


Harumi blonde escort girl. Earl's Court, London located

Harumi is the epitome of a blonde bombshell, a dazzling escort with a style that's unapologetically glamorous and reminiscent of a living Barbie. With her enhanced figure, plump lips often painted in bold colors and her love for lavish makeup, Harumi turns heads wherever she goes. Standing with a super toned, size 10 figure and boasting a 34C bust, Harumi is a vision of feminine allure. Her Brazilian roots add an exotic twist to her Barbie persona, making her an unforgettable companion for those who seek a taste of the extraordinary, wrapped in a package of blonde, sun-kissed perfection Harumi is an incall-only escort, so if you want to connect with this supreme Brazilian escort, you need to make the trip to her place.


Earl's Court
32C Enhanced