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5.0 out of 5

Based on 3 reviews

Incall 1 hour, seen on 25th January, 2020 by Dave

The most gorgeous, sweetest girl, with beautiful gypsy eyes and the body of a goddess. She's the best!

Incall 1 hour, seen on 27th July, 2019 by Maroon5

It’s my second time to meet Merida, and she is truly a beautiful,funny and cute girl I have ever seen. It’s hard to describe her by words concisely , but if I have to I would say she just like an angel. Her smile always melt me and let me still believe angel exist. She also reminders me of my first girl, a pure puppy love experience.Sometimes I think having s*x just can make man happy for a short time , however, with a good interactions and girl friend experience during the time are the most important thing to keep man truly refreshed ,and I think Merida is very good at this. I am so expecting the next time to meet her , and I will keep thinking about her before that day comes .

Incall 1 hour, seen on 15th November, 2018 by Zak

Merida is so young and such a stunning beauty she could well be a lingerie model!

She has interests in cooking, traveling, and Anime... we could just keep talking!

I just wish she was a little happier afterwards.

Cheer up Merida, I hope life treat you kind.


Merida brunette young escort girl with natural breast. Green Park, London located

Knightsbridge is an area of London known for its supply of gorgeous women, but there’s not many women who can rival the exotic beauty of this perfect babe. Merida is a sultry brunette, barely out of her teenage years, with a well-toned figure that certainly turns a few heads. She flaunts a sexy natural body with a size 8 waist and 36B breast, and has that angelic facial beauty which only a youthful Diva like her can. You could search for years and never find someone as mind-blowing Merida, so why not take her on a date this evening? You can rest assured that this elegant girl knows exactly how to show a gentleman a good time.