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Welcome to our Submit Review page. If you’ve previously used our services, we encourage you to leave honest feedback about your experiences with our escorts and agency.

The importance of reviews cannot be overstated. Before hiring an escort, the majority of clients will check their feedback before committing to spending an evening with them. Therefore, our user reviews greatly influence the hiring decisions of clients, whether these clients are new to the escort world or long-time users.

As you’ll see from the below form, when leaving a review, we ask for a handful of details in order to verify your identity. We require an escort name, date, time and the basic details about your session. We also ask you for a name and the last four digits of your phone number in order to corroborate your claims. This allows us to ensure that the review is being left by a genuine Diva Escort client. 

Every genuine review submitted through this page is posted on the Diva Escorts website, regardless of whether the review is positive or negative in nature. Diva Escorts do not edit or alter reviews in any way for the purposes of branding or marketing. We believe in promoting authenticity and transparency, and we find that the most effective way to do this is through the honest feedback of our clients.

We reassure anyone who leaves a review that their real name and any personal details will be kept private and confidential. We encourage the use of aliases or first-names only when leaving reviews in order to maintain anonymity. The only people who will see this information is a member of the Diva Escorts staff. 

We urge anyone who has done business with us to leave their feedback whenever they get the chance. Many escorts rely on the kind words of their clients in order to build their reputation on the escort scene, especially ladies who are new to the industry. So, if you have a preference for new girls, we greatly encourage you to provide your honest feedback for them.

Our thorough system ensures that absolutely no fake reviews ever make their way onto our website. As an escort agency for many years, we are able to identify fabricated reviews with ease. These are deleted immediately.

Similarly, we’re also reluctant to post any reviews which include discriminatory, vulgar or extreme language. We naturally understand that sometimes, such language is necessary in order to portray your experiences, but we kindly ask that any unnecessary expression is omitted. We will also delete any reviews which include harassment or abuse towards an escort.

In years gone by, leaving a review for an escort was unheard of. However, reviews have since become a vital component of the escorting scene. They help to elevate the hard-working ladies to new heights and help to weed out the escorts who don’t provide a satisfactory service. Reviews help to make the escorting industry a better, safer and more enjoyable place for everyone. Please leave your review below.