20 escorts reveal all about their first day 'on the job' (Part 4) by Diva Agency

Sunday 04th October 2015

Many of our London escorts don't see escorting as a job, but rather as a lifestyle. They love to live life in the fast lane and love the glamour that being a high class London escort can often bring. However, others prefer to just fit in some escorting around their current responsibilities, whether that's making time to meet clients when they're not studying or making escorting fit into their life as an employee or as a stay at home mum. In this part of our series of escorts' first day at work, we're going to hear from some escorts who never really expected to join the profession at all.

He couldn't orgasm

I'd just finished university. I was 22 and had a BA in a subject which, while it seemed a fun choice when I was 18, was very quickly proving to be a qualification that wasn't really going to get me a job. Instead of being one of those graduates that progressed straight from uni to a career, I found myself moving back in with my parents, with no income and no real prospects on the horizon.

Eventually I managed to get a job in a local bar. While it wasn't best use of my talents, at least I was earning some money. It was there that I met a couple of young women who seemed to have lots of cash to flash. One evening, after having a bit of a chat with them, I realised that we'd actually been at the same uni, although we'd never met. I saw them a few times over the next few weeks, and they finally let me in on their secret - they were making all their money from escorting. At first I was horrified. It seemed such a waste of three years of studying, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to realise that I was the one serving them with fancy cocktails. So much for my principles.

I asked them if I'd make a good escort. They said I would. They weren't working for an agency. They'd just set themselves up with a website, and arranged appointments on their mobiles. To cut a long story short, they agreed to give me a trial. When the night came around I was as nervous as hell. In fact, I almost backed out at the last minute. The girls had a flat in town and they usually invited men to meet them there. When I heard the knock on the door announcing that my client had arrived, I nearly died. One of the girls let him in. He was obviously a regular, but they'd told him that they had a new girl and he'd said he'd like to try her out. Of course, that new girl was me! This made me doubly nervous. While I wasn't exactly a prude when it came to sex, I wasn't sure whether I'd live up to his expectations.

The guy was pretty ordinary. He ran a small business in the town, was divorced, a bit overweight and balding. I'd like to say that he didn't turn me on, but the truth is that when I pushed aside my nerves, I was actually turned on at the thought of someone paying me for sex. He'd paid for 30 minutes with me, so at least I knew that the whole thing would be over pretty quick. In fact, it ended up being over too quick as I struggled to make him orgasm in the time. To be honest, he was very nice about it, and even gave me a tip. When he left, I told the others what had happened and they just laughed. He was never able to orgasm. That was why he visited escorts, as he didn't feel he could date anyone with his 'problem'.  He just enjoyed the sexual contact and female company.

After that night, I chucked in my job at the bar and started escorting a couple of days a week. My parents still haven't got a clue that I was meeting men for sex when they thought I was working in a bar.

He wanted more than his allotted time

I'd just lost my job and I was really worried about how I'd pay my next rent. Anyway I advertised on a site that I was looking to meet a guy for a bit of naughty fun, but made it clear that I expected some sort of recompense. One guy offered to pay me in cash to spend an hour with me, so I agreed. It was as simple as that.

We met a few days later at a hotel room. He was ok. At least he didn't put me off having sex with him. I was a bit reluctant to kiss him at first but, to be honest, he seemed a bit lonely, so eventually I let him kiss me. I could feel him getting hard against me; then he pulled a condom out of his pocket and asked me to put it on him.  My hands were trembling a bit as I did so and, once it was on, he asked me to give him a blow job. I didn't mind that. In fact, I was hoping that he'd come and be satisfied with just a BJ.

However, just as I thought I was getting somewhere, he seemed to go all limp on me. Of course, I wasn't experienced, so I didn't know what to do. He told me to get undressed and get on the bed, then to get on top of him and ride him. I did as he asked, but he kept slipping out as he lost his hard on. I think I must have rode him for about 20 minutes - all I knew was that the hour was almost up. However, he persuaded me that he just needed a few minutes longer, so even though his hour was over, I continued to alternate between sucking and riding him. Eventually ten minutes later he came. I didn't charge him for the extra. As I left he offered to meet up again, so we arranged to meet at the same time the next week.

We did this for another 4 or 5 weeks, and then I managed to get a new job. I stopped answering his texts and I didn't see him again. However, it had given me a taste for earning a bit of extra money in this way, so I decided to do it properly and joined an agency, just fitting in a few appointments a week around my day job. It seems to work quite well so far. I don't know whether I'll carry it on much longer as I want to find a man and get married one day, but at the moment, it means I have a bit of spare cash that I'm saving towards a deposit on a house.

I decided I needed a sugar daddy

I'd always been told that I was beautiful, right from being a young kid, so it was natural that I'd move into some kind of modelling as I got older. However, although I had a nice slim body with big breasts, I wasn't tall enough, or slim enough to walk the catwalks, so I ended up as a lingerie model.  A lot of lingerie models seem to make the transition to glamour modelling, but I didn't want to go that route. However, the pay as a lingerie model wasn't enough to keep me in the luxury goods I wanted to buy. That's when I decided that I needed a sugar daddy. I'd heard the phrase when I was younger, and was very intrigued by the idea. I wasn't interested in boys or men my own age. I wanted someone older, someone successful and most importantly, someone who'd spoil me.

I found a website that specialised in matching up sugar daddies and 'babies'. I posted some pics, wrote out a profile and waited. After weeding through lots of messages, I came across a guy who was attractive and seemed to be exactly what I wanted. We arranged to meet the next day. It was as quick as that. When I saw him, I was quite happy. He looked pretty much the same as his pics, maybe a bit older, and was very well dressed. He picked me up in a top of the range Mercedes, so I knew he had money. That first date he just took me to a bar. We had a few drinks, and then we went for a meal. He expected nothing except a kiss, but he gave me some rolled up notes as he dropped me off. I couldn't believe it. We hadn't really discussed money but, when I counted it, there was more than I'd normally make in a week. And all for having drinks and a meal.

We met many times after that. Sometimes we'd have sex, other times we'd just sit and talk. Usually he'd give me enough money to cover my rent, plus he often bought me presents, including a brand new iPhone so we could keep in touch by FaceTime. However, after about six months he began to make excuses about not being able to see me, so I went back on the site and found someone else. At the moment it works for me. I get to go to all kinds of posh places, plus I get some extra pocket money and quite a few treats too and, best of all, I get to choose someone that I'm attracted to.

I was offered more than I usually make a month for having a threesome

Me and my best friend were having a bet on how much we could get for one night of sex. Anyway we decided to find out by joining a 'dating' site and seeing if we could get anyone to pay to spend the night with us. We both got lots of offers, many of which were from the same men. It seems they were hedging their bets by messaging both of us. We did think about agreeing to meet the same guy, but didn't think that that he'd want to pay out twice, so we offered him a threesome instead. Of course, he jumped at the chance of spending the night with two 19 year olds.

He booked a room in a local hotel and, as we were meeting him together, we both felt pretty safe meeting him there. While we'd never really made out with each other before, we had shared some drunken kisses so we thought we'd be ok to put on a bit of a show for this guy. When he opened the door, I was a bit taken aback and I could tell my friend was too. He was short, overweight and a lot older than he'd led us to expect. However, as he'd promised us a lot of money, we'd agreed to go through with it, no matter what.

First things first, he gave us an envelope with the money. We counted it and it was all there. I have to admit, the excitement of seeing all that money in cash turned me on a bit. He'd bought a couple of bottles of fizz too, not champagne, just the cheap stuff, but it was enough to get us in the mood. My friend and I did a bit of a striptease, kissing and fondling each other as we took off our clothes. He just sat and watched us, playing with himself. The drink was making us more adventurous, and eventually I found myself giving my friend oral sex. I'd never done it before and I was surprised by just how much I liked it. She soon reciprocated, and we found ourselves in that famous 69 position, and having so much fun that we almost forgot about the guy who was paying us. However, he soon made his presence known. While we'd been tipping the velvet, he'd been stripping off, and soon joined us on the bed.

We spent the next few hours, kissing and sucking and making sure that he had a good time. Somehow it seemed easier with two of us. I'm pretty sure he was having the time of his life, judging from some of the noises he was making and some of the things he said. Eventually we all ran out of steam, and we ended up just lying there on the bed until we fell asleep. The next morning we made sure he had another orgasm and then packed up and left. I was amazed, I'd made more money that night than I usually made in a month, and I'd had a lot of fun doing it.

We did it again a few times; not often. Maybe once every two or three months. And then my friend found a boyfriend and it all stopped. However, I still remember back to that first night whenever I have a threesome.